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Cloth Nappies – Which ones?

modern cloth nappiesI am thinking of swapping from disposable nappies to cloth nappies.I am after cloth nappy reviews.Do they work as good as disposables, which brands are best, which liners are best, how to clean them & expense. Thank you.

  • They are awesome! Just as easy to use as disposables. There an MCN Review group on fb which has so many different types but I’ve used Grovia hybrids since birth and they’re brilliant. One extra load of laundry every second day for the inserts (that get wet) and flushable liners mean you don’t have to wash poo. I went through Upsy Baby, Tamarin is lovely great customer service too. Ange
  • Greenbubs nappies, found these really cheap upfront cost, easy clean, ESP with disposable liners to catch solids. I used to wash mine with bicarbonate teatree oil and lavender in easy stages, seemed to be enough, and then used sensitive nappysan and natural fabric softener later on when bub was eating solids. Water proof, quick drying. No issues. Meg
  • We use cloth towelling nappies at home and disposables when we go out. I found that the Dickies towels are the best which u can get from Big W – $30 for 12 pack. Then use disposable liners and waterproof covers from Baby BeeHinds. Madeleinne
  • Go to www.bonniebuns.com.au They are awesome!!!! Dry paleing, and then machine wash, just droped her prices on bulk packs (i recoommend the 20 pack it is the biggest saving) Selena
  • I use pocket style cloth. I freaking love them! My little ones legs need to fatten up more Bc she tends to leak once in a while but that’s no fault to diaper she leaks out of disposable. Cleaning is easy! If their formula fed or on solids you rinse/dump poo out then toss in washer on hottest setting add an extra rinse and hang covers to dry Amy
  • Terry cloth ones from big w are great, just with their disposable liners. Wash like normal laundry and use drier to keep them fluffy. $25 A 12pk of nappies. We have 4 pks and do a load every night. Bub is just over 12mths and has always been changed every single time she is wet including during the night. Pvc pilchers from big w $1.75 per 3 pack and roughly $10 for a 3 pk of snappy nappies. Or you can use pins. Our bub has been in them from 4wks and next bub due in january will be in them from the moment we get home. Also makes it easier to toilet train. Currently all poos in potty and about 1/4 of all wees Alana
  • issy bear nappies I have found to be great! I use all in two in small as bubba is 5 nearly 6 weeks but you can get all different types- they are easy to wash and bamboo so kind on their skin. They have a FB page. I also use baby bear but she’s too small for the one size fits all. Costs a bit to set up your stash but worth it. Would recommend a wet bag too and lots napisan Jenna
  • I have a 12 week old and use cloth nappies. We use Pikapu which I’ve found really good, with bamboo inserts. It is a bit more work with washing (a wash at least every 2 days just of nappies). But I find them so much better than disposables. My little one has no nappy rash whatsoever & we have only the occasional leak if we haven’t put it on properly. We use disposables if we are going out for an extended time so you don’t have to carry dirty nappies around, but even then, it’s not really a hassle. The Pickapu range from $20-$30 and the inserts are a couple of dollars each (I just saw them on a shopping site like oz sale for half price though). Then you need liners which come by the 100’s. It is an initial outlay but I think it’s worth it 100%. Teresa
  • itti nappies are great. We use them full time. Check out the website and u-tube videos, very informative for correct fitting and washing advice Kaitlin
  • Takes around 6-12 months of full-time use to get your money back, liners are flushable (but optional) around 2c per liner, I use Purity laundry liquid $3.48 for 2L and I go through around 2 bottles in 3 weeks (1 load nappies daily, 2 loads laundry weekly). They’re great but a little more difficult to manage over winter as most shouldn’t be tumble-dried. I use Pop-ins by Close and I’m happy with their product. Kat
  • Visit or join the facebook page buy and sell your mcn’s there is tons of info, plus you can grab some bargins on second hand nappies Rebecca
  • I love my cloth nappies! Definitely think they work as well as disposables, but you do need to change them more frequently (not necessarily a bad thing in my eyes). Washing is easy – half detergent on a cold wash, line dry in the sun bleaches any stains. Hot strip wash brings back absorbency if you notice they’re starting to underperform. As for brands, we haven’t got any super expensive ones. Greenbubs and Babyland bamboo (from eBay) are my favourites, but the liners do take a long time to dry. Others we have are My Little Ripple (also from eBay), Cutie Bums and PeaPods. All are microfibre inserts which work well and dry pretty quickly. I would recommend any of these brands, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. You’ll need at least 24 nappies for full time use, which allows for washing every 3 days max, sometimes every other day. Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions Candice
  • We have used pea pods from when my daughter was one week old (she’s now 18 months). I love them, cute little designs so in summer she can run around with them and a singlet (we live in central qld). You can buy starter packs which work out to pay for nine but get 10 and it’s about $180 bucks (they are $20 each). In terms of washing it is about an extra load every second day. I put them in by themselves on a hot wash, you only use 1/4 of the detergent you normally would and then let the sun bleach them. No need for Napisan or soaking them. We also have one size so they grow with bub until she’s toilet trained. Once you get into the rhythm you won’t look back! Katie
  • i use cloth nappies and love them but still use disposal of a night because they sleep through and don’t want to risk them wetting through and getting sick eg. They are cheaper but the work load is a bit more I only use the home brand throw away liners.
    4.maybe he is having a sleep to late in the afternoon or tea time try changing his sleep pattern Temika
  • I used ‘Happy Babes’ modern cloth nappies ‘All-in-Ones’ and they were great! No leaks & easy to wash up (just use a quarter of the normal laundry powder you use & a warm/hot wash & they look like new! Made in QLD too!! Tanya
  • I use Destination Green nappies they were not that expensive. They are pocket ones. I also use their disposable liners which are great. I have been caught out many times with no liners and I use hot water and scrub it and it comes straight off no stains Samantha
  • I found that the brand that I used worked better then Huggies with my child’s explosive poo’s… Katie

Which cloth nappy do you recommend?

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