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Cradle Cap

how to get rid of cradle capJust wondering how to get rid of cradle cap?

  • MooGoo’s scalp cream.   Srah
  •  Coconut oil or olive oil.   Rachelle
  •  Almond oil. Get it from the pharmacy. It’s great for details skin. My little one was overdue and had dry skin and almond oil worked well.   Jeni
  •  sounds strange but if you happen to still be breastfeeding I have found that works to moisterise the skin try putting some on an hour before bath time and let it soak into the skin otherwise bi carb soda can get a lot of it off.   Kristin
  •  Moo Goo Cradle Cap Cream worked great for me.    Emma
  •  Coconut oil it’s all natural and has awesome healing properties.   Marnie
  •  QV BATH OIL, no soaking, no brushing it out etc. It was a miracle.   Kathleen
  •  I use baby oil. Rub on scalp and leave for 20 mins then out the brush through. Usually is comes off easily and then I just wash ds hair. If it’s really bad u can leave on overnight.   Kate
  •  Baby oil leave in for about 10min then with a soft baby brush – brush and it will gently come off – depending how bad it is you may need to do it a few times over a week!    Teagan
  •  Yes baby oil is the best… Olive oil is great too but it has that oil smell and baby oil smells nice… just rub it into dry hair, leave it for 2 minutes then with a soft bristle brush rub in a circular motion and it will come straight off then wash bubs hair as usual.   Ashleigh
  •  Qv cream and wash has been my lifesaver after trying everything else first.    Chantelle
  •  Baby oil or olive oil – that’s what i used to use.   Calina
  •  Moogoo!!    Skye
  •  Any good massage or baby oil rub it in at night and brush in morning.   Karina
  •  Olive oil on the scalp. Leave it for 15 mins, brush it with a babies brush, then wash it off (Make sure you wash off all the oil though because it can make it worse), and then moisturise..    Hayley
  •  I just bought some Coles brand baby oil and put some on my son’s scalp. Left it on for a few minutes before gently combing out the dried skin which came off so easily!! Fastest and cheapest way for us!    Charmagne
  •  Baby oil and brush out with a baby brush/ baby comb.   Jen
  •  Paw Paw cream let it soak in a bit then get a comb and lightly get a comb and scratch it off..    Bianca
  •  Bi carb soda and a little bit of water to make a paste apply to affected area while in bath, leave for 10mins… When rinsing off you will need to get a face washer and gently rub to remove dead skin… repeat until gone.    Brooke
  •  Don’t wash their hair for as long as you can. The water just dries it out more! I rarely wash my daughters hair now and she never gets cradle cap anymore and due to not washing as often it is rarely oily.    Trisha
  •  Coconut oil, rub it in at night & wash it off in the morning.    Emma
  •  I rub paw paw ointment in the hair, before bed and comb it out the next morning. It does make their hair oily for a couple of days but removes the cradle cap.    Amy
  •  My daughter had really bad cradle cap. QV Bath oil is the best. I tried baby oil, olive oil. QV worked quickly and doesn’t smell. Highly recommend!   Jenni
  •  Paw paw ointment works amazing! Smother affected area and leave it on for about 10 minutes then lightly lift it off with a fine tooth comb.    Atlee
  •  Olive oil is good and cheap. Warm it up a little first.    Allie
  •  Coat scalp in olive oil or coconut oil leave for an hour then gentle and slowly scrape the scalp with a plastic store card, the baby s head will be a bit pink after but it won’t or shouldn’t hurt , the old hair will come off too allowing the new hair to grow. Wash bubs scalp after .    Andrea
  •  My 9 week old daughter has cradle cap, I used olive oil once but the smell nearly made me vomit, so I then changed to a wash with QV wash and then lather with Moo Goo , I actually got a sample pot from the chemist which has almost cleared it up after 3 days.    Christine
  •  There is a mitt and comb pack you can buy (safety first brand I think) in target, baby bunting, toys r us. I used it whilst they were in the bath and washing their hair.     Kaelans
  •  We tried everything to no avail it just kept coming back, what worked for us was a bicarb + water paste, put on at start of bath wash off with flannel in soft circular motion, good as new! Never came back!    Melissa

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