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Crafts for kids – Little Hands Birthday Cake Prints

handprint birthday cardHere’s a cheap and charming way to make a special homemade birthday present for a loved person in your life. The handprint birthday gift is perfect for grandparents or daddies, this is a fun project with a great, useful and sentimental result.

Card concept:

Using your child’s hand and your basic at home art supplies this project transforms your little ones hand shape into a birthday cake image with a little bit of additional mummy-magic!

You will need:

  • Something to print onto. This could be plain card stock to make a birthday card or a piece of paper you could pop into a frame. We used small canvas squares from the ‘dollar shop’ that were $1.20 each to make them an extra special keepsake.
  • Different colours of paint and a plate for the paints
  • A paintbrush or dabber to apply the paint to your child’s palm and fingers
  • A texta to draw the finishing touches (older children might do this themselves, younger children will need Mummy to step in here!)


How to make it:

  • Wash and dry your little one’s hand thoroughly.
  • Collate your entire material list together ready, once your child has a handful of paint you will not want to walk away and leave them unsupervised!
  • Set out different colours of paint in small blobs
  • Paint the chosen colours onto your child’s hand. You need good coverage of the skin but too much paint will make a messy rather than clear print


  • Firmly apply the hand to the paper (or board, card etc) and press it down ensuring all the fingers make contact with the board.
  • Try to minimise any rubbing as you lift your child’s hand for a nice clean print.
  • Allow the print to dry thoroughly then with a fine point marker add the candle flames, cake stripes, plate and plate message.
  • Optional: You might like to colour the candle flames with a yellow texta.


Talking points: 

  • Talk to your child about the person you are making it for. How old are they? Why are they in the child’s life (i.e. grandpa is Mummy’s Dad) and what makes them special?
  • What colours do they like – let them choose the design on their hand – make a rainbow! Go wild!
  • What does the paint feel like on their fingers?

If your child is enjoying the fun why not mass produce several designs so you have a stack of birthday cards on hand for upcoming parties! You could also use a large sheet of plain paper and print matching gift-wrap.

Nothing is more pleasing than a gift made with love and from the heart. This design will be a winner for anyone who adores your little person!

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