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Custody arrangement question

I found out pregnant just after leaving father after an abusive two years with him he mentally abused and physically on a couple of occassions (never hit me but bruised me by pushing or grabbing but did grab my throat twice. i love my daughter to bits been wanting children for ages and never been so happy so that kind of made th experience worthwhile i guess seeing the positive. the bad is that i have to deal with him but i just put act on for my daughter and he pays maintenance but says only has time to see you for an hour to two hours depending cause has things to do and he comes to my place and sometimes i go out my house as hard for me being around him. he works sun to thurs 1.30pm till 11.30pm and when i suggested mornings he said has hardly any time as it is.he then tries saying things to make me feel bad for him like he is working lots and lives in a shared house so its hard and often pushes to take her overnight to his mothers an hour away. when i said he needs to build up the hours and see her more cause he doesnt know her needs and her personality he says hes her dad and doesnt need to build anything up!!. she is 81/2 months now and ive told him as she co sleeps with me and refuses to sleep in a cot etc and because she is too young to understand it wont be happening until she is 3 and able to understand. i have agreed this friday to take her to his place (shared house) and let him have her for half day during which time he will prob also take her for waalks etc. i will be giving him instructions. am i doing the right thing as i dont feel ready to have her with him away from home for so long yet. he has refused to get own place as says no way he living in a council place even though i tried saying there are some nice ones. love to hear replies, im thinking of going to a mediator to get it all sorted in writing so he doesnt think im being out of order in anyway and to make sure i do whaats best for her

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