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Daylight Savings Tips

time to save clockWe are looking for any daylight saving transition tips for kids! How to did you work around the time difference, with your kids sleep and general routines?

  •  Don’t change anything; go about everything as per normal.    Alana
  •  Move to Qld and never worry about it again!    Natalie
  •  My 11mo dd was sleeping 7-7 and has gradually started waking earlier and earlier as the Sunnis up earlier so now sleeps around 6.30-6am so when clock adjust she will be back on 7-7 going back to no daylight savings this year was terrible!! I was woken at 5am.   Kaylah
  •  We just stick to same routine.    Lucy
  •  Keep your watch at pre daylight savings time for a few days. That way bub can still keep to the same routine. Keep it as normal as possible.    Cheryl
  •  Relax and don’t change anything! I’ve never had issues with my kids’ sleep with daylight savings.   Michelle
  •  We changed what we did by 20 mins every day for 3 days, but this time round i think dd will cope going straight into it as she is now 2yrs.    Renee
  •  I’ll be using curtains when I return to the UK, when light evening arrives. Easy! Also I’ll have 8 hrs to adjust to, not really bothered by it. Then it is only an hour once every 6 months, can’t be that hard, can it??? Should I be more concerned?    Danielle
  •  Just wake up at usual time..   Alex
  •  My son was fine last time; he is now 12 months so not sure if it will be harder.   Natalie
  •  We dont change. Normal routine normal meal times. Mu son asks why he goes to bed in daylight we just say as the days get warmer the days have more sunlight.   Deborah
  •  We start Thursday doing everything 15 mins earlier then same on Friday Saturday so by Sunday should be at normal time.   Amanda
  •  I just pushed everything back or forwards (depending on the time change) 15 minutes each day, so within 4 days we were back on schedule.    Carly
  •  My bub was sleeping until 7-7, now it’s started getting lighter in the mornings an his waking at 530! I have tried putting him to bed later but didn’t work! Helpppp one tired mumma here!    Chloe
  •  Blockout curtains and usual routine.    Fiona
  •  I start 3 days before and wake them up 15mins early the first day and do everything 15mins early then the next day 30mins early then the next day 45mins early until you got to clock change day then you go one hour early. Do the same for going forwards but start at the end of the day. Hope that helps.   Melissa
  •  Dark curtains in their rooms helps also.   Jaymie
  •  I agree with the 15 mins each day does help, I miss daylight savings, we moved to Qld and so wish we had it, I think it is crazy as the sunshine state we don’t get to take advantage of our sunshine during these months particularly at the end of the day.    Jacinta

What are your daylight savings tips?

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