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10 month old routine – sleep and your 10 month old baby

10 months old and your baby is starting to grow up a bit! But with new skills, comes new challenges. We’ve asked baby sleeping specialist Tara Mitchell and our community of Aussie mums what to expect.

sleeping 10 month old following her daily routine

Ask The Expert – Tara Mitchell, sleep consultant, talks the 10 month old routine

We asked Tara Mitchell, baby sleep consultant, what mums can expect from an ten month old baby. However, her advice is only general – if you have any concerns about your baby’s sleep, feeding or other developmental factors, make sure to contact your health care provider straight away.

Can you believe your little one is almost 1? The days are long but the years are short! Around this age you may find your baby is pulling up a lot on furniture, yourself and pretty much anything they can get a grip on. This is great, but it can be a little problematic come bed time. During this big learning stage some little ones can get into the habit of pulling up in their cot, unable to get back down and in turn requiring your help. To manage this type of developmental phase, I encourage you to offer your little one plenty of safe practice in their awake time. Let them get stuck standing for a moment, making sure the space around them is safe, and sit behind them to guide them down. Practice, practice, practice. If you do need to go into their room to lay them back down, be mindful not to play any extra unnecessary roles. If your little one normally settles themselves to sleep, continue to allow them this opportunity. Head on in, lay them down, a kiss and a phrase such as “night night love”, then back out again.

10 month old waking regularly

If your 10 month old is waking regularly, check out the advice from our parenting community.

Meal and snack ideas for 10 month olds

Lots of ideas for food for your 10 month old:

Our Community’s Experience

  • My 10 month old is up anytime between 6.30-7am. Bottle on waking, then Weet-bix about an hour later. Has first nap about 2.5 hrs after he has woken up (between 45-1 hr). Morning tea around 10.30. Lunch an hour later. Second and final nap 3 hours after he woke from  his 1st nap (up to 1.5 hrs). Afternoon tea about 45 mins after wakes. Dinner at 5pm. Playtime til bath at 6.15pm, final bottle around 6.30 – asleep shortly after. I’ve found my boy is super interested in book at the moment so we are reading a lot. Also loves to crawl around and follow me like a shadow! Pip
  • 6:30: wake up and bottle 7:30 breakfast 9:30-11:30 sleep 12:00 lunch 3:30 bottle and sleep till 5:00 5:30 dinner 6:30 bath and bed. We are really struggling with the play time in between. We’ve tried singing, peekaboo, playing with toys etc but she’s sitting and not rolling and not crawling. Not even close, so she is getting very bored and frustrated very easily! It’s making us both a bit crazy Debbie
  • Our 10 month old routine is roughly: Wakes 7.30/8. Short play. Breakfast-Weetbix. Walk in pram.  Morning nap from 9.30-10.30/11, Bottle-180ml, Play, Lunch-yoghurt, fruit. Afternoon nap from 1.30-3.00, Bottle-180ml, Play,  Dinner, bath, bottle, bed routine from about 5.30/6. Into bed by 7.30. Penny
  • When he’s been clingy, I play on the floor with him…tickles, cuddles, peek-a-boo etc. Otherwise he’s happy to play on his own or get into everything Rachael
  • Wakes between 6-7 has a bottle 200mls at 7.30, has breakfast nappy change then back to bed. Wakes about 11am has another bottle then play then lunch, back to bed, bottle when she wakes playtime, dinner, bath sometimes a bottle then bed. Rebekka
  • Our 10 month old daughter would normally be ready for bed about 2-2:30 but have to go out at 3 for school pick up. So on weekends she has her arvo nap a bit earlier than during the week Debbie
  • Our 10 month old’s routine is: 6.30 wake up and breakfast toast and porridge. Playing – crawling, walking with the walker, books, songs, toys, following mummy everywhere!  8.00 bottle 240 mls. 9.00/9.30 sleep for an hour and a half . 10.30/11 morning tea snack cheese and pear with water. 12.00 lunch. 1.00 bottle 240 mls. 1.30 sleep for an hour and a half to two hours. 3.00 afternoon tea. 3.30 – 5.00 out running, to the park or the beach, playing with friends . 5.30 dinner. 6.00 bath. 6.30 bottle 240 mls and bed. He wakes at 4.00/4.30 for a bottle we’ve just been successful (only last 2 nights) to get him back to sleep until 6.30. otherwise we start the day at 4/4.30…. We still rock him to sleep for all sleeps he hasn’t worked out how to get himself to sleep yet. Someone suggested I feed food first and then bottles as he was waking many times during the night and having 2 bottles during the night. We’ve had a lot of success with having the food first and bottles second and increasing the size of the bottles Melanie
  • It’s summer so wake at 5:30-6:30. Piece of toast for breaky. Play, bottle then bed (around 2-3 hrs after waking)  will sleep for 2 or so hours. Lunch, play, bottle (usually 2-3hrs after waking) and sleeps for an hour. Small snack, play, bath, bottle, bed (around 5:30-6) Belinda
  • My 10 month old girl is exactly the same as Pip! Except she doesn’t crawl!! She’s a lazy bones ahaha. But is very interested in books also!!!! Kristy
  • 6/6.30 wake up, 6.30-7.30 play, 7.30/8 breakfast, 8-9 play, 9 bottle, and nap for 2 hrs. 11 wake and play/small snack, 11.30/12 lunch then play 1.30/2 nap for 1-2 hrs. Wake and small snack/play, Dinner 4.30/5, Play 5.30, bath, then play 6 ‘desert’ – yogurt or puree apple, 6.30/7 bottle and bed. On occasion will wake between 2.30-4.30 for a bottle. Rachael
  • Awake between 6-7am. Bottle at 7am (180ml) breakfast at 8am. Nap for an hour at 9:30. Play on floor or ball pit with toy, crawls around and follows me a lot. Bottle 11:15am (180ml) and Lunch 12:15pm. Play. Nap 1:30pm for an hour. Play. Bottle at 3:15pm (90ml, currently phasing out as not that interested) Play. Dinner 5:30pm. Bath 6pm. Stories 6:20pm. Bottle (180ml) then bed. Usually falls asleep on bottle. Sleeps through the night. Has since 10 weeks Sarah
  • Awake around 7:15-7:30. One midmorning nap around 9:30 for an hour. Lunch @ 12. Plays with toys, brother, snuggles and crawls around. Short 30 min cat nap between 4-5. Nurses every 3.5-4hrs. Bed no later than 9:30. Wakes once to nurse overnight Jodi
  • 6 – 6:30 Wake up and bottle. 7:30 Breakfast 8:00. Play on the ground. Crawl around with toys ect. 9:00 Nap for about an hour. 10:00 Bottle. 11:00 Walk with out shepherd 12:30 Lunch. 1:30 Bottle and sleep till about 3. 3 Play time on the ground. Crawling, toys, music ect. 5 Dinner time.  6 Our dinner time and she sits with us in her high chair having a rusk or rice cake after her dinner. 6:30 bath time. 7:30 Story time. 8-9 Bed time. Sleeps through to 6. Nicole
  • 6/7 wake, change and bottle, 8/9 cereal and water, Play, 10/11 change, bottle and nap anywhere between 40min to 1.5hr, 12/1 lunch and water then play, 2/3 change, milk and nap, 4/5 dinner and water, 6 bath 6.30/7 milk then bed Fibri
  • 7 get up, bottle feed 8, breaky 9:45, sleep 11:30, bottle feed 12:30 lunch + dessert, 2 sleep, 4 bottle feed, 5 dinner + dessert, 6 bath and milk, 7 or 8 sleep through, Playing inside playpen, walking with mum around the house, playing push toys, cruising while holding to sofa, playing jumperoo, reading books, learning animals sounds, playing swings, going for a nice walk to supermarket Sonnya
  • Wakes between 530/630 depending on last feed, breakfast 7/730 play til he gets tired any where between 830/10 (morning tea around 9 if he’s awake otherwise after his sleep) sleeps for 1 / 1.5 hrs plays again then lunch more playing 2nd sleep around 12 depends when he woke up from 1st sleep… His 2nd sleep is the longest around 2/2.5 hrs more playing , afternoon tea, if he’s been having earlier sleeps he will sometimes want a 3rd sleep around 330 usually 30/45 mins wake up daddy play then bath 5/530 dinner 545ish breastfed at 6/615 sleep by 630/7.. he is breastfed so no set schedule he has roughly 7/8feeds in 24hr period…. Will wake at 10.30 and around 2.30 for quick feed then straight back to sleep. Suzette
  • 6/6.30 wake up & milk, 8 breakfast, 9 nap – 1 hour, 10.30 snack, 12 lunch, 1.30 milk, 2 nap – 1.5 hours, 3.30 snack, 5.30 dinner, 6 bath, 6.30 milk, 7 bed Erin
  • Wakes around 730 has a bottle then around 8/830 has breakfast then plays then 930 nap for 1.5-2 hrs snack when she wakes up lunch around 1230 plays for a while then nap around 239/3 for 1.5-2 hrs then dinner at 6 bath after. Bottle at 715 bed anywhere between 730 and 8 Ashleigh
  • Wake up 8am, breakfast 8-15/ 8-30 weetbix and banana, get dressed crawls around plays with her toy,s has 150mls at 10am then naps until 11-30. Has lunch: yogurt and jam sandwich, go for walk to park if its nice then home by 2pm for bottle 150mls. Naps until 3-30pm/4pm, spends some time with dad, dinner at 5 (veges and whatever we are having for dinner: mince, chicken) & apple after. Bath 6pm, plays until 7pm for bottle 200mls, read her books and watch a bit of tv to calm her down before bed at 7-30pm, asleep by 8pm Nerissa
  • She normally wakes 7/7:30 and has a bottle, then plays until nap time which is about 9. She will sleep for 20-40 mins then will get up and have breakfast and some water and fruit. Then it’s play time again until 12 when she has lunch and then will go for a nap. About 1-1.5 hr nap. Once she wakes she will have play time again and a bottle. Dinner at 5 then bath and then play until 6:30/7 then bed. She wakes twice through the night. 11 pm and 3 am and will have a bottle then Jess
  • Up and bottle at 7 brekky 8.30, sleep 9.15-11, bottle, lunch at 12.30, sleep at 1-3, dinner at 5.30, bottle 6.30, bed at 7. Bottles are about 170mls. Playtime was mainly following me around, his brothers cars, hiding in boxes or cubbies, noises toys, walks, swing, singing, books, water play! My son slept through from 11 weeks! Erin

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What is your 10 month old baby’s routine?

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