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Get up and go! De-stress the school holidays with routine

School holidays are nearly here, so stress a little less with our top tips for a school holiday routine.

Everyone knows the holidays can be stressful, but if you have a morning routine, you can de-stress the school holidays as you get ready for each day.

Everyone knows the holidays can be stressful. But if you have a morning routine, you can be less stressed as you and the kids get up and get ready. Here are some ways to de-stress the school holidays and make the most of each day with a routine to get you going:

Everyone knows the holidays can be stressful, but if you have a morning routine, you can de-stress the school holidays as you get ready for each day.

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Additional Holiday Morning Routine Resources:

  1. Establish a successful morning routine to promote a sense of calm and organisation. A routine that works for one family may not work for another. For example, you may find that laying out clothes the night before cuts down on wasted time, while another parent uses the ability to choose an outfit as a way to coax children out of bed in the morning. The key is to find what works for you and make adjustments if necessary – there isn’t a be-all end-all morning routine.
  2. Outsource what you can – e.g. hire a dog walker. Perhaps you could find a friend or neighbour to carpool with or hire a nanny to keep the kids in the afternoon before you get home from work and ask that he/she prepare lunches for the next day. Accept help when and where you can.
  3. De-stress your morning routine in any way you can. If gathering together school supplies or packing lunches is a source of stress, chaos, and even a little bit of yelling, take steps to make it easier. You could make ahead lunches for the week or set up a bin for school items such as backpacks, lunch boxes, and homework to go in each night.
  4. Get the kids to school on time by whatever means necessary, even if this requires eating breakfast in the car or setting the clocks forward 30 minutes. There is no shame in your ‘get to school’ game. Sometimes you might have to get creative, such as one parent who admits to the occasional bribe, but don’t knock it if it works.
  5. Use a revolutionary morning routine hack – play music. It’s a simple idea that works wonders for getting kids up and moving in the morning. Start with something calm and soothing during the wake-up period, and gradually transition to something more upbeat. Switch up the playlist every week or two to keep things fresh, and encourage the kids to pick out some of their favourite tunes for a truly customised playlist. Music has a range of benefits for kids, so incorporate it into your morning routine!

Now that you know how to maximise your mornings, you’re ready to take on the holidays. Plan that menu, bake those cookies, and decorate your home. Holiday season, here you come!

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