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Deciding to Return to Work

return-to-workHow do you make the decision about whether to go back to work or not? I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, what factors did you take into consideration when making your decision?

  •  Factors I took into consideration were who would look after my son and would I be comfortable leaving him there. Also if cost wise it was worthwhile ( once daycare etc is subtracted if that’s the care of choice.) would your job be slightly flexible for times when bub wasn’t well or was sent home from daycare unwell ( again if that’s what you chose.) and how many days would you choose to go back initially. I found that three days was the limit for my work as my son is super exhausted by the third day of care and it left days for his activities ( swimming etc.) it’s a hard decision! No one wants to leave there child but in the long run it can work out for the better. Just don’t feel guilty if you decide to go back, I think it’s a sanity saver as you get a chance to interact with adults for a while.   Sian
  • I am about to return to work when my ds is 6 months – my maternity pay runs out and with two other boys to feed and pay for their activities and a mortgage as well never mind living – 1 income is not enough so as much as I would love to stay home and watch my baby grow I don’t have the option – if you do your lucky.   Pauline
  • I didn’t financially have to work but when my son was 8 months I just knew I wanted to go back when he was over 1. After finding daycare I went back 2 days a week when he was 15 months. My decision was really based on me feeling like I needed something for me and my son needing more stimulation. It’s been great for both of us. My son is enjoying daycare. I get photos of him playing and painting and interacting with other children. We did have separation issues but I feel no guilt working because I know he’s taken care of and having fun.   Yasmin
  • We started our LO’s college fund and I saw how much we needed to put away monthly. I needed to work to give our LO more opportunities. I returned to work from my 12wks off just yesterday and I keep reminding myself that I am working for her. But I am also fortunate that my husband works nights and can be with our baby and my parents can help for him to be able to sleep.   Chloe
  • MONEY!   Melinda
  • We considered the costs of child care, travel to and from work, wear and tear on our car(we live in the country with no public transport), but most important for me was missing milestones. They are only little for such a short time. Also for me was the fact I wouldn’t have returned to work until bub was at least 1, but because we wanted our kids close in age I was pregnant when number 1 turned 1 and thought it was unfair on a workplace to go back to work for just a few months. It is hard financially but it is worth the sacrifices we make.   Amy
  • I am I the same situation, however due to financial circumstances unfortunately I will have to go back! Although I am a school teacher so I will just do relief teaching and luckily for me my mum is willing to retire and look after bub so I don’t have to pay for daycare! My dd will be 12 months wen I go back!   Shez
  • The cost,to maintain your career to after baby stage.   Fiona
  • Financial circumstances and my brain function. I found staying home all day with little adult interaction I was my brain was wasn’t functioning well. With my second he was only 10 months when I returned but being an etc I found a job where I could take both my boys with me so that helped a lot. I don’t think I could have returned so soon otherwise.   Katrina
  •  I considered my kids ages,, their health n how much extra attention they need from me n I considered my finances n thought bout whether I absolutely need to go back to work yet or not..   Nicol
  • Finding a daycare I was comfortable with, the support and facilities my work provided, and I felt ready to go back to work. Personally I couldn’t wait to go back, I love my job and the industry I’m in. The biggest decider for me was the support from my work. I had a mother’s room at work i could express in with a fridge and couch. Plus they let me go as often as I needed. Finding a daycare my DS is in loving and safe hands also made it easier.   Shonette
  • $ and my own sanity. I needed something to keep my brain active besides my beautiful baby.   Hayley
  • Two mortgages and being able to provide the best for our family. All depends on your circumstances I love being back at work this is my second week back, it give me some space and the cuddles when I get home are awesome.   Cara
  • The only factor I used was that I needed money to pay the bills. If you are in a financial position to not have to work that I say don’t until you need to. If your looking to get out of house than just get something part time. Once your earning extra money it becomes harder to adjust back if you decide it isn’t for you.   Melanie
  • I never go back before my babies are 2-2.5 yrs I love the time watching them grow and learn.   Wendy
  • My thoughts on how many hours I work; my child is only a baby for a short time. I have the rest of my life to work. Although I am lucky that I have a profession where I can work an hour here or there and don’t have to do whole days (Pilates instructor).   Prue
  • Yeah like the others said it’s totally your choice and you need to weigh up what’s best for your situation. You can often qualify for family tax benefit A & B if you aren’t working so that helps with finances. My bubby is 4 months and I’ve gone back 2-3 days a week until she’s 6 months, then will increase to full time. It’s very hard but we need to do it for our situation. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty or weight their opinions on your shoulders. It’s your decision to make. I’m very fortunate to have free childcare with my mum in law so I’ll take the opportunity to get some money stashed away so bubby no. 2 I can stay home longer and take a full 12 months hopefully.   Channy
  • I went back to work due to Financial reasons, I’m lucky enough to work 5 mins from home my partner is home to be with our DD. I just do a couple of nights a week & weekends…   Kate
  • Mainly cost and your preferences. I was worried to go back to work 3 days a week but wasn’t scared as my dd is with my mum for those 3 days. It has helped a lot in regards to money and i really enjoy being able to contribute and have a strong routine going. Then i look forward to 2 days with just my little girl and i at home and the weekend as a family. It’s a good break up for our household and works well. It all depends on if you’re happy, things flow, money is okay and your preferences

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