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Discouraging thumb sucking baby

Discouraging thumb sucking baby

My month old baby has discovered her thumb and putting it in her mouth! Is there any way to gently discourage a thumb sucking baby? She does use a dummy.

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  • Your bubba is going to suck thumbs, fingers, toes! Whether you want her to or not! In a way it’s a good thing! If she spits her dummy she can soothe herself with her hand! It’ll get worse haha Rebecca
  • My daughter sucked her thumb from about 4 and once she found out about all the other things to suck on she totally forgot about her thumb. I reckon just let her be, she’ll get board of it ha Amy
  • One of my girls used to suck on 4 of her fingers when she was younger and she doesnt anymore. Your baby may grow out of it once they get older but being that he/she is only a month old, my thought is to let it be for now. Jess
  • Maybe keep bub’s hands busy with toys, works for my daughter’s scratching!! Joanne
  • if they are still thumb sucking at 4 years old, then that’s when you can worry. Under that, it’s not a problem Alicia
  • My daughter sucked her thumb when she was a few months old. She didn’t want a dummy, but would suck her thumb to soothe herself to sleep. She stopped on her own around 4 or 5 months. Michelle
  • My son did the same and I also thought he’d be a thumb/finger sucker. He stopped after a couple of months and at 16 months only puts his fingers in his mouth now when teeth are coming through. He also never took a dummy. (And believe me, I tried!!) Su
  • I was afraid my daughter was going to be a thumb sucker too, from a few weeks old i would hear this little slurping noise and it would be her hands in her mouth. She did this up till about 4 1/2 months and i dont really remember her doing it much after then and i didnt ever do much to stop her doing it. She is 14months old now and ever since she was 1 week old has only ever had a dummy to sleep with. As soon as she gets up i ask her for it she spits it in my hand and we leave it in her cot. Try not to stress i was mortified she was gonna be a thumb sucker but has never done it since. Karina
  • It isn’t deffinalty a sign that your bub will be a thumb Sucker, it is a sign of development when they start suckling their thumbs/hands, next they start to learn to put things in their mouth, my little one sucks her hands when she is happy and exploring her senses but uses the dummy to settle Kristie

What tips do you have for discouraging a thumb sucking baby?

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