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Ditching the Dummy

ditiching the dummyMy almost 6 month old fully breast fed baby is waking up to 15 times a night seeking her dummy. She was sleeping through… How do I ditch the dummy?? Or should I persevere until she can put it back in herself? She only cat naps in the day also but my 3yo did that to… I just need my nights!!!

  • Have you tried giving her the breast instead of the dummy? Maybe if she feels full she won’t wake up as much? I would personally give up on the dummy if she is waking that frequently! Good luck! Kristy
  • Cold turkey. Best thing we ever did Juleen
  • No dummy at night but use during the day. May be a few more restless nights before bub gets used to it Natalie
  • My son did that around that age, I scattered 6 or 7 around his cot and taught him to put it in his mouth. Once he learnt that he went back to sleeping through as he could find one and pop it back in himself. Tegan
  • Both my babies had a turning point with dummies around 6 mths. The youngest learnt how to find all the dummies in the cot and replace one herself. The oldest didn’t, and was like the OP’s baby – waking after every sleep cycle for mummy to replace the dummy! We went cold turkey – she found her thumb was an effective replacement and that helped. Her sleep was a bigger problem than just the dummy and not long after we went to Tresillian, so you could try taking away the dummies and if sleep is still disrupted (and disrupting yours!) ask your early childhood nurse or GP for a referral to a sleep school local to you, such as Tresillian or Karitane. Tresillian also has an app on FB to provide live chats to parents who need help. Best of luck x Lexi
  • The dummy fairy came to my 3 yr old. I bought a pink box, put her dummies in it and sprinkled pink glitter over them.next morning there was a toy in the box but no dummies Carly
  • My son loved his dummies! Then suddenly at 8 and a half months refused them! Thought maybe sore mouth but even now 3 weeks later he just plays with it and then chucks it! Will keep them another few weeks then throw them out. My sister took her 2 and a half year old to the shop, he picked a toy and then ‘paid’ the lady at the checkout with dummies. My sister reminded him when he asked for a dummy that he had a new toy. Worked well Ann
  • Dummy was easy with our first 2 we just threw them all out when they turned 2 (had 2 or 3 nights where they woke up for it a few times) they were fine. My advice is to throw them all in the bin or yoh will be tempted in the niggt to just give in! My 3rd however sucks her fingers and I am finding it hard to stop she is 3 tomorrow and I can’t throw her fingers in the bin haha. Cassie
  • Mum made me give mine to the santa at the shopping centre (told him obviously before hand to take it) and when I got home all my others were gone…. everytime I wanted it mum reminded me that santa gave mine to a little girl that couldnt afford a dummy…. Kimberlee
  • Our 21 month old was hardly ever without her dummies. We had spoken with her about giving them to the Easter Bunny for the baby rabbits in exchange for some Peter Rabbit books. Luckily however a trip to Perth Zoo helped. We were walking over the new orangutan boardwalk when she looked over the edge and the dummy accidentally dropped out of her mouth. We quickly binned the rest. Problem solved. She still talks about the monkeys taking her dummies 3 months on, but not as much. It was surprisingly easy. Angela
  • Easter bunny took them for the baby bunnies and left a toy in return for my then 2yr old….worked a treat!! Jay
  • My now 9 month old DD refused it and took to thumb sucking something to deal with down the track Michelle
  • My 2yo still has his on occasions… I figure he will stop using it when he’s ready and it’s only used for sleeping Caro
  • We put it off for too long…Bub was 2 years, 8 months old when we finally committed. We tried at Christmas time (Leave them out for Santa for a special toy, but she hurt herself just before bed & was very upset, so we reneged) We left them out for the Easter bunny (for a special toy). She did ask for it at bedtime, but we stuck to our guns. She only asked for it for 3 nights. Once we committed to it, it was fine. Amy
  • My first baby I took dummy in bin when starts first steps walking 10 mths old!! Other 5 babies never had but last babies twins tried dummies but they kept spilt out all the time twins not like dummies!! Kylie
  • My two and a half year old was told a week before Christmas she would get her bike for Christmas but if she wanted her dolly from Santa she would have to give her dummy to Santa. We repeated it every night and in Christmas Eve asked her if she wanted to leave it with the milk and cookies for Santa to give to the new babies for Christmas so she could get a dolly.. She did this. As it was such a busy next few days she only mentioned it a handful of times and said we have to give to get! Was so surprised she had it in her mouth almost 24/7 prior to that! Six months later I’m still so chuffed lol (can ya tell) :0 Natasha
  • Have just recently taken ours cold turkey from our 2 year old daughter. She cried for a little while before nap time but has hardly asked for it over the last four days and she is no where near as sooky and demanding without it! Nice change for my now happy and bubbly girl Lauren
  • Had no problems took it off him at 22 months broke the dummy and said to him its broken and he threw it in the bin from then on no problems what so ever . Stavros
  • My boy never truly liked his dummy but he only had it for sleeping. He would always chuck it out of his mouth or refuse it anyway (once he took it, he was asleep though). Then one night he chucked a temper tantrum while I was trying to give him the dummy and went to sleep without it. So we never gave it back to him. Lisa
  • We just did this with my 3 year old who loved her dummy but I got her to make a box and put it out side she called for the dummy fairy and the next morning a small gift was in the box for her and she has taken it quite well. I think because we made her part of the process. I didn’t have this issue with my other two older kids though. Monique
  • I just came back from the Ellen Barron sleep school and dummies are considered a negative sleep aid so both my kidlets just had to stop using them. I’m surprised at how easy it was. There have been times when I want to give it back to them. ..especially when they are sick so for comfort but if I do that we will be going back a step Kelly
  • My daughter chucked her own away a bit before she turned 2 when I told her it was yukky. She only ever had it for sleeping anyway and never looked back. My son turned 2 a couple of weeks back and still has his for sleeping. I have to hide them during the day because if he finds them he will suck on them. He totally loves his dummy and I am terrified of taking it off him haha I’m just going to keep telling him it’s yukky and hope for the best haha Nicole
  • I’m lucky that none of my 5 have taken to a dummy but my 3rd son is a thumb sucker. At 5 he still does it when sleeping but I figure he’ll stop when he’s ready Vikki
  • Santa took it when she was 2. Few tears but it needed to go. Samantha
  • Cold turkey. She was unsettled for 2 nights and that was it. Crystal
  • Cold turkey. Took it, threw the spares in the bin and dealt with the whole half hour of years overall by listening to my iPod while checking him every five minutes Carmen
  • After my son had grommets and an adenoidectomy about a week after we just took it off him. It was hard for a couple of nights but never looked back after that Donnie


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