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Domestic Violence Victims Support

**If someone is facing an immediate threat, call Triple Zero (000) and ask for Police and/or Ambulance**

“Domestic and family violence takes many forms. It involves violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour carried out by a partner, carer or family member to control, dominate or instil fear. It doesn’t have to be physical abuse. It can be emotional, psychological, financial, sexual or other types of abuse.

It can affect anyone in the community, regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status or location.” (SOURCE: http://www.domesticviolence.nsw.gov.au)

Domestic violence victimes support in Australia

You DO NOT deserve it.
You DO NOT have to be hit to be a victim.
You are NOT weak if you are having trouble walking away from a violent relationship.
It affects MORE people than you think.
There IS help available.


Visit the Reachout Australia website for more detailed information about what Domestic Violence is and how to recognise the signs. 

Where to find information and support:

New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia



24 hour Domestic Violence Line: 1800 65 64 63.

For a comprehensive list of phone services available in all states and territories, click here.

Kids Help LineFree call: 1800 55 1 800

LifelineFree call: 13 11 14

Relationships AustraliaInformation and appointments: 1300 364 277

Legal Aid (website includes links to offices in each state)

1800Respect: Counselling helpline, information and support 24/7. Services available listed by state.


New South Wales

The Domestic Violence New South Wales website includes information on:

– help when deciding what to do, including available options
– resources relating to other victims, such as homelessness, rape and crime
– plus lots more



The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria has a wide range of resources related to:

– Violence prevention
– Where to go for help if you or someone you know is being abused, including children
– Testimonials from people who have survived domestic violence
– Research papers
– Plus lots more.



The Queensland Domestic Violence Link website is a directory of resources available statewide and by region.


Northern Territory

The NT Office of Children and Families website includes information on the domestic and family violence reduction strategy.



South Australia

The South Australian Government website has a number of links related to specific groups, such as:

– women victims
– men who need relationship help
– teenage victims
– parents who are abused by their children
– plus more


Western Australia

The Women’s Council For Domestic & Family Violence Services (WA) website

– where to find help, including the location of women’s refuges, support services and who to call
– relevant legislation
– plus more



The Department of Premier and Cabinet contains information including:

– information about family violence
– how to report family violence
– family violence services, including by region
– how to identify and help someone who is a victim
– links to the Safe at Home website
– plus lots more

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