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Easter activities for children

Easter activities for childrenBehind schedule or lacking inspiration for kid’s Easter activities? Don’t worry, Baby Hints and Tips will get you back on the bunny trail.

Some of these ideas for kid’s Easter activities are great to give as gifts or are a perfect way to spend a few hours in the lead up to the big chocolate day.

Decorate Eggs

That old-fashioned decorating activity where you remove the yolk and whites from the shell before you begin to decorate. Not sure what I mean, pop over to YouTube and watch this clip on how to remove the yolk and whites. If your children are old enough maybe let them have a go at blowing it! I found some amazing ideas on Pinterest on how to decorate Easter eggs with dye, lace, twine or even making cute little ice-cream cones from them (thanks Martha!).

Just be sure to have a good use for those egg yolks and whites; we would hate for them to be wasted!

Paint Bunnies

Easter activities for childrenI did this activity the other morning with Scarlett, my fifteen month old. Let’s just say the bunnies were interesting. We used pink paint and I gave her the opportunity to move and explore the paint with her fingers and feet. We then used a sharpie to add bunny features. If your children are older, discuss with them the features of the bunny before you begin. You could even have a bunny nearby to assist with observation.

Read A Book or Three

Easter activities for childrenBooks are great, not only for developing that bond with your child but it is a great activity to do when winding down for the day. The book might be about Easter or it could be a book about a rabbit or Bilby. When choosing books, select those that have rhyming patterns; they are particularly great for children under five in their developing literacy skills.

Make Easter Cards

Grab some cardboard and items to decorate your cards. Choose as many open-ended resources as possible. It allows kids to develop their own ideas and knowledge about art and creating, as well as taking pride in their own work. Help your children to write messages and give them to friends, family and your neighbours.

Make Your Own Chocolate

Traffik-free is a growing movement that encourages people to purchase fair trade goods, including Easter chocolate. To make the task less daunting you can view a list on Stop the Traffik. Another way to assist is making your own Easter chocolate. You can buy moulds from places such as Spotlight. It also gets your children into the kitchen and learning about science as you change a solid to a liquid and back again!

Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, so I saved the best for last. Grab some flour and create bunny footprints through your house on Easter Eve and hide the eggs along the way! If you are super fancy you might buy some felt footprints from Schooza and use them to create your trail. Either way, this is one very fun activity that the entire family can participate in!

Share your ideas for kid’s Easter activities below.

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