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Easy Easter activities for kids!

Easter activities for childrenBehind schedule or lacking inspiration for kid’s Easter activities for kids and toddlers? Don’t worry, Baby Hints and Tips will get you back on the bunny trail with fun and simple Easter activities for kids!

Some of these ideas for kid’s Easter activities are great to give as gifts or are a perfect way to spend a few hours in the lead up to the big chocolate day.  School (and kindy) holidays are nearly upon us, let’s get some kids craft on so your little one can get excited about the big event!

Decorate Eggs – Perfect for toddlers to big kids!

That old-fashioned decorating activity where you remove the yolk and whites from the shell before you begin to decorate. Not sure what I mean, pop over to YouTube and watch this clip on how to remove the yolk and whites. If your children are old enough maybe let them have a go at blowing it!

Don’t forget to carefully submerge the emptied shells into boiling water to sterilise them before you get your craft on (nobody wants craft that smells like rotten eggs!).  Always do more than you think you’ll need, little hands do tend to shatter fragile Easter craft projects!

There are so many ways to get your Easter egg decoration on!  You’re only limited by your own (and your child’s) imagination.  For little fingers, dollar stores sell easy “stick on gems” and other garlands that can be applied without too much fine motor skill.

Just be sure to have a good use for those egg yolks and whites; we would hate for them to be wasted!  Omlettes anyone?

Paint Bunnies

Easter activities for childrenToddler Easter activities don’t get much simpler than this!   Take your toddler OUTSIDE, paint her hands and feet and let her go crazy on paper.  Simply “sharpy in” the bunny faces on those little hand and feet prints.  If your children are older, discuss with them the features of the bunny before you begin and encourage some careful painting rather than a finger paint frenzy!

Read A Book or Three

Easter activities for childrenBedtime books for Easter – a great, quiet, wind down activity for kids who can’t shake the Easter hype! Easter, bilby and rabbit favourites to pick up at the library include:

  • Peter Rabbit
  • The Golden Egg Book
  • We’re going on an Egg Hunt
  • The Easter Story
  • Happy Easter Mouse
  • The Berenstain Bears Easter Story
  • Where are Baby’s Easter Eggs?
  • Horton Hatches The Egg
  • The Velveteen Rabbit
  • The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
  • Benjamin Bunny

Make Easter Cards

Happy Easter Card

Download a card making craft project or design your own!

Grab some cardboard and items to decorate your cards. Choose as many open-ended resources as possible. It allows kids to develop their own ideas and knowledge about art and creating, as well as taking pride in their own work. Help your children to write messages and give them to friends, family and your neighbours.

Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs

Traffik-free is a growing movement that encourages people to purchase fair trade goods, including Easter chocolate. To make the task less daunting you can view a list on Stop the Traffik. This is a great time of year to talk about social justice and introducing a fair trade product to your chocolate making helps little kids to feel good about eating chocolate… wait…

Making your own eggs using store bought moulds is a great idea in theory… and a big mess in practice.  Getting your children on board with this activity means a great battle to keep the chocolate in the moulds, not the mouths!  Note that your home made chocolate won’t be as glossy as the kind you buy by the block so it’s a good time to teach kids about home made vs store bought.

Don’t want to subject yourself to that kind of torture? Fair enough.  If that sounds way too hard, you could consider getting some ready made white chocolate eggs and allowing little people to decorate them using write on food colouring pens, pre-rolled coloured icing or baker’s decorations.  Encourage them to design a special Easter Egg for each member of the family.  It’s still messy but it’s not an absolutely kitchen nightmare like handmade chocolates can be.

The all important Kids Easter Activity – The Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, so I saved the best for last. Grab some flour and create bunny footprints through your house on Easter Eve and hide the eggs along the way!

Remember it’s the show stopper kids Easter activity but it doesn’t have to be ALL about the chocolate.  While hiding some eggs for the kids to find on Sunday morning is part of the fun, there are plenty of reusable plastic eggs available that can be stuffed with other treasures and lovely messages from the Easter Bunny himself.

Get kids involved by creating their own Easter Eggs to find in a pre-Sunday hunt.  They can decorate store bought plastic egg cases so they know which ones are theirs.  Then mum can fill them with treats (healthy or naughty) or simply hide the eggs around the yard for an afternoon of outdoor treasure hunting.  By having each child prepare his own eggs, it means everyone gets the same, there are no fights – and your toddler can find her eggs in obvious places while the 8 year old has to go looking!


Share your ideas for kid’s Easter activities below.

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