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Meet the mum behind the new reading sensation, Moonlite

Natalie Rebot is the inventor of the newest product to hit Kmart stores this spring, the Moonlite story projector. We caught up with this clever mum to find out more about Moonlite.

“I have a daughter who has just turned 6, but when she was 3, she wasn’t interested in reading books, she wasn’t as into reading as I thought she would be. I grew up reading books every night so I wanted to find a way to make reading fun for her.” Natalie started bringing her phone with the flashlight into the room and we would make shadow puppets of the stories together with her daughter, Chloe.

Natalie came up with the idea to create Moonlite because she thought it would be cool to be able to project the pages of her story books onto the walls of her daughter’s bedroom.

“I first had the idea in January 2016 so I gave myself a year to bring the idea to life. By May I had my first prototype and by December I officially launched a campaign on Kickstarter.” From there Moonlite was launched into retail in Target in the USA and Mastermind Toys in Canada by November 2017. Now almost a year later Natalie is getting ready to launch it in Australia, UK, France and New Zealand.

Moonlite has different book titles available in each country. But while each country has its own exclusive set of book titles available, you can purchase other packs overseas and they will be compatible with the Moonlite app wherever you are. “We made sure the app was universal so you can use the international products no matter where you live,” said Natalie.


Some of the benefits mums have shared about Moonlite have included how ‘easy it is to get their kids off to bed at night’, ‘how it has made reading and learning to read fun for their kids’ and also that it’s a great way to create a ‘calm space’ for kids on the spectrum.

Before Natalie dreamt up her invention, she worked at Google for 7 years. When asked what advice she had for mums like her who have great ideas but not sure where to start, her advice was; “Bounce ideas off your Mum friends, you can tell if they genuinely like the idea and it has legs. If it’s something that people are telling you they need, then get started! Don’t doubt yourself. Mum’s are so good at multi-tasking, we can achieve anything we put our minds to. Just get started and keep moving forward bit by bit.”

Moonlite is available in Kmart stores now with a Starter Pack retailing for $29.

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