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Printable Easter Colouring Pages and Card

With it only weeks until the bunny comes spreading his chocolate-y goodness we are delighted to share with you a gorgeous, free Easter colouring pages.easter colouring pages

Exclusively illustrated for Baby Hints and Tips by artist Lily Machin we know little people will adore this creative piece for Easter. Available as an A4 Easter colouring sheet or an A4 Easter folded card for gifting to friends (or why not leave as part of your mischief if you Egg Your Friend’s House?) you will want to share this free Easter loveliness with your friends!

Get your kids colouring this Easter

School holidays… hyped up Easter loving kids… download our free Easter colouring sheet and put some idle hands to work creating beautiful artwork and cards for the whole family!  Still BORED? Check out our Easter Craft Ideas too!


easter colouring pages


Click here to for FREE printable version of colouring sheet
Happy Easter Card


Free printable Easter Card

Easter colouring pages are THE BEST for toddlers and little ones…

At no other time of year do ALL the crayons and pencils get  such a work out.  We love Easter colouring because every detail deserves such wonderful attention.  Easter designs tend to be intricate and are therefore PERFECT for developing fine motor skills and concentration.  Easter colouring is so much fun but it’s also a big exercise in holding pencils just right, understanding colour combinations, keeping between the very fine lines and a whole host of great developmental benefits. We love Easter colouring – and at the end?  The “artwork of the year” that a littler person can be so proud of – and give to someone special with pride and joy.   There’s so many benefits to Easter colouring, not just a lovely card for Grandma!

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