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Easter decorations

Easter decorationsCarly shares her ideas for quick and easy Easter decorations with Baby Hints and Tips.

Do you decorate your house for Easter? If you take your cues from home styling magazines, then it may be the norm for many families around Australia. Me? Well, last year for Scarlett’s first Easter I bought for her two little pink bunny ornaments, a little bunny plate and some tea towels. I will bring out the bunnies and I might use one of the tea towels for decorative purposes.

It got me thinking, what other decorations are available out there?


I stumbled across an adorable Easter bunting the other day. It was a bunting covered with a bunny and Easter egg pattern. Too cute! Buntings are perfect to hang up on Easter Day, particularly if you invite a big crowd to celebrate with you.

Personalised keepsakes

I came across these bunnies by Love Letters by Tillie. They are the sweetest little critters and can be customised to include your child’s name or the year. They would also make a sweet little shelf decoration!

Ornaments and accessories

Decorating your home in an Easter theme can be an elaborate undertaking. However, the simple addition of a couple of Easter ornaments and accessories can be just as effective. Snare some bargains now and you can have your house spruced up in a jiffy. Bed, Bath N’ Table have an amazing range of ornaments to fit almost every theme! Though, it’s a hard choice between the white or grassy-green bunny as a centrepiece.

Items for the kitchen

Easter is a holiday that lends itself to themed kitchen equipment. There are bunny bowls and plates, egg holders, tea towels, bunny measuring spoons and so on. There is a plethora of different items that you can use to decorate your kitchen with Easter spirit. They will also get you in the mood for baking, particularly if you are planning to cook bunny pancakes or make your own chocolate Easter eggs.

Displaying Easter literature

There are many different books that you can purchase that are centred around the theme of Easter. You can buy picture books that explore the religious aspects of Easter or books that detail what happens at Easter (such as the all-important egg hunt!). Books are a great way to decorate your house, by simply displaying them on a shelf or bench space, and they can be used to create a little Easter scene. They also double as a great experience for the family to sit down and read before bed.

Share your quick and easy Easter decorations below.

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Carly is a new mumma to her daughter Scarlett. She is an Early Childhood Teacher who loves working with the under three year olds and has been blogging since 2008. Carly is busy with her own business, Little Lettie Boxes, during the day when Scarlett is sleeping. She currently finds the time to update her blog Life Will Never Be The Same on weekends and will always post photographs to her instagram account.

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