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{INSPIRATION} Easter Craft Ideas


by Sarah

I love the lead up to Easter – there are so many cute craft ideas out there and none of the rush and stress that comes at Christmas time. Here are some ideas to give as Easter gifts (without the calories and allergy friendly!), art for the kids to create, and some ideas for the adults too.

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Create different eggs

Who says Eggs have to be chocolate? Create some Easter gifts for your child’s teacher (believe me – they get enough chocolate) or to give to friends who suffer from allergies. These are great for decorating the house too.

These String Eggs are great either on their own, or to help stretch a bag of Easter eggs further when you are making gifts for a group. If you want to get really fancy, break out the glitter while the string is wet, or put a yellow chick inside instead of the eggs.


How pretty are these painted eggs? I especially love the ribbon.

painted easter egg

Image source: Punchbowl

These glitter eggs are so sparkly, and easy too. Just make sure you are generous with the glue so the glitter is even.

Make your own Easter Egg Baskets

These gorgeous Easter Egg Baskets are a great way to make the focus about the fun of the hunt, rather than just the chocolate.

Want a way to recycle those used milk cartons? These are sturdy and environmentally friendly!

Milk carton easter egg holders

Image source: Coupon Geek


Spend rainy days making Easter Crafts to decorate your home

One for the toddlers. You can pre cut the paper or allow them to rip it. If you substitute the backing paper and tissue paper for clear contact and cellophane, you can create a stained glass egg to put on their windows.

Easter craft - tissue paper egg

Image source: Coupon Geek

I can not get past the cuteness of these bunnies, especially the gingham bows.

For the adults

Why should the kids get all the fun? If you love to sew, this bunny basket is fabulously cute and versatile.

Easter basket

Image source: Disdressed

This stunning table centrepiece takes on the theme of new growth, using the bare stem and paper butterflies. You could easily substitute easter eggs or baby chicks and still get the same effect.

Butterfly branch

Image source: BHG

So, over to you. What Easter crafts are you creating this year? 



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