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Easter School Holidays: 4 Cheap, Fun Ideas to Keep Busy!

When Easter school holidays start to drag here are 4 fresh ideas for some affordable fun…

The Easter break can be a wonderful chance to refresh, relax and enjoy family time, buts it’s also known for temperamental weather, expensive “Shows” and tired, sugar-hyped children. Here are four affordable ideas to help fill in the Easter Days. Being armed with a few ideas to fill the school or preschool holidays means a more enjoyable break for Mums and kids alike!

Cleaner Craft

Easter school holidaysLet’s face it sometimes we can’t be bothered with craft and all that mess! Try this great idea for (almost) mess free craft.

All you need is clear contact, some cardboard and craft bits (think bits of coloured paper, streamers, foil).

Simply cut out a large egg shape from your clear contact, peel off the back, let the kids go wild sticking pretty bits to it and decorating their ‘egg’, then simply adhere their masterpiece to a piece of cardboard, cut out an egg shape and voila. Much better than glue or paint. You can also skip the cardboard and adhere straight to windows or glass doors at home for lovely “stained glass” decorations.

Precut foam shapes are also a great idea. Check out your local dollar store or Kmart for super cheap bags of these, grab some stickers and let the kids go wild.

Get the kids in the kitchen

Rabbit CookiesIt’s never too early to get your kids helping out in the kitchen and it’s a great way to make them feel useful and perhaps tempt the tastebuds of some of your more fussy eaters. Try these gorgeous gingerbread bunnies

Make a simple Gingerbread recipe, I love this one from Taste or if you are on the fly most supermarkets now sell packet mixes now too. You can let the kids help with this bit or make the mixture and let them help with the decorating.

Each child needs a piece of dough. Divide it in half, and then divide one half into another half. Here is a great opportunity to teach fractions and shapes too. One half needs to be made into a sphere and the 2 smaller quarters need to be rolled into little logs. Simply attach the logs onto the ball for ears then flatten the whole thing out to look like a bunny. Bake and then let the kids go crazy with decorating. Try smarties, ready-made icing tubes and sultanas.

If they master the kitchen why not let them help make pizzas for dinner one night too. Don’t forget to teach them to clean up too. Everyone loves a hand in the kitchen, especially one holding a Chux!

Camp at Home! 

Backyard CampingIf you don’t have a camping trip planned, or you’re a little unsure about roughing it the real outdoors why not plan a camping adventure at home?
Set up a simple tent in the backyard with sleeping bags, torches and toasted marshmallows or build a classic fort.

There is nothing like a table on its side covered in loads of blankets to entertain the kids. Kids love the adventure and freedom of camping. Mums love the convenience of it being in the backyard! A change is as good as a holiday…!

Be a tourist in your own town… have a stay-cation! 

If the crowds and expense of the Easter Show or other holiday activities make you shudder why not act like a tourist for the day? Stay-cation is the hot new term for having a holiday in your own city! Catch a ferry across to Manly, explore Queen Victoria Markets, pack a picnic and head to Cottesloe Beach or spend the exploring at a new park. There are so many amazing things to do in our own backyards, many of them inexpensive or even free.

A happy, busy holiday need not be expensive nor labour some. Look to keep the kids busy and make their days as interesting as you can using whats easily available. From my family to yours I wish you a happy and safe Easter break!

Juliet Apps Author Bio: Juliet Apps is a divorced mother of 3 spirited older children, currently enjoying a second chance at love and life.  With plenty of experience and parenting tricks up her sleeve, she has moved from stay at home, canteen & soccer mum to the full time workforce, which means she has no time for a life…. okay well maybe a little bit 🙂 When she’s not at work or being Mum you’ll find her cooking up a storm, planning holidays and dreaming of a Masters Degree.

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Craft Picture: Image credit. Rabbit Cookie: Image Credit.

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