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Easter activity: You’ve been egged

you've been egged

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they see the sign; You’ve Been Egged!

Are you looking for something fun to do with the kids this Easter?

Do you want to gift something other than chocolate?

Or do you want a way to relive your own childhood?

Why not egg your friends house!

**No, not with real eggs, but with plastic eggs filled with tiny Easter gifts (or you could just keep it simple and stick with the chocolate variety – yum!).

You leave a note saying ‘you’ve been egged’ and let the fun begin.

Why? Lets make Easter more about giving and less about chocolate this year. Go on, go egg someone…. Creating memories with your children is what being a parent is all about and this harmless mischief-inspired idea is joy-spreading, laughter-guaranteed seasonal fun.  So grab your egging goodies and lets spread some Easter spirit together! #eggyourfriends #youvebeenegged Read on for how to get egging…

You've been egged

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How to Egg Someone’s House

egg your friends1. Get your eggs together!

You can use traditional Easter eggs, but if you want to have some fun with choosing or making small gifts, buy plastic fillable eggs and fill them with goodies. I’ve seen them at lots of different shops (like The Reject Shop, Spotlight or supermarkets) and they come in lots  of different sizes. Fill them with little trinkets and treats. If you need ideas on what to fill your eggs with click here!

We have a Pinterest page with some more ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Outside2. Get hiding!  

Hide the eggs in the front yard of a friend’s house – the aim is to get away without them hearing you! Your kids will be delighted with the fun and secrecy! Remind them to hide the eggs quietly! Your friends will love the mystery of the egging and how you managed to pull this off right under their nose!

You can use our free printable to set the eggs out as an Easter Egg Hunt. This leaves clues for the places you have hidden the eggs however for smaller children a basic hidden egg hunt is more appropriate.

3. Don’t forget to let them know! 

Leave the ‘You’ve Been Egged’ letter by their front door explaining what’s just happened in their front yard (otherwise they won’t know to look). See printable above.

4. Knock and run!

how to egg your friends house


Viola! You’ve been egged is a new tradition you could start in your neighbourhood. Imagine how much fun your kids will have.

Inspired by this post on the Big Family, Little Income blog a few years ago, such a great idea – who doesn’t love a stealth mission after dark?

What are your best ideas for egging your friends?

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