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Edible Christmas Fruit Centrepiece – Easy Wow Factor Christmas Ideas

by Katie

Edible Christmas Fruit Centrepiece

I made this edible Christmas fruit centrepiece¬†a couple of years ago. It is easy and fast. Plus it makes a great dessert option on a hot summer’s day.

You will need:
A range of fruits that are small or hold their shape when cut. I used rockmelon, honeydew melon, strawberries, red grapes and mango.
Cookie cutters or a sharp knife
Polystyrene ball
Lettuce leaf
Small round container or bucket that has a smaller diameter than the ball – at least a third of the ball should be able to sit inside, but not more than half.

How to:

Cover the polystyrene ball in the lettuce leaf. Place it in the bucket or container and press down slightly to secure. Decorate the bucket if desired.

Remove the skin from the melons and mango, and cut into even slices

Either use the cookie cutters to cut novelty shapes from the fruit flesh, or cut into long segments.

Slide the fruit pieces onto the skewers, and then place the skewers into the prepared polystyrene ball. Continue until the ball is full.

Optional: Serve with a sweet dipping sauce for the fruit.

See also: Christmas candy cane table centrepiece

What edible Christmas fruit centrepieces have you created? Have you used something other than fruit?

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