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When did you experience Braxton Hicks?

When Do You Experience Braxton HicksHow early did you experience Braxton Hicks?

  • First pregnancy – none. Second pregnancy from 20 weeks and went to have the baby at 38. I’m nearly 31 weeks and I’ve been having them for the last two weeks or so.    Michelle
  •  Just like a contraction without any pain. So a weird tightening across bump that lasted about 30 seconds then released.    Aime
  •  I didn’t have any. When I thought I was having them, it was actually the beginning of labour at 38 weeks!    Rowena
  •  12 weeks with my 3rd & 4th.   Tina
  •  39 weeks had my baby by Caesar, never had any that I am aware of.    Belinda
  •  With #1 around 30 weeks and strong, but never went into labour – 2 weeks late induced 3 times.  With #2 around 20 weeks went 5 days over into spontaneous labour.   Laura
  •  25w onwards.  Gill
  •  I’m 34 weeks with my first bub and I’ve been feeling/getting BH’s since 16 weeks.   Paula
  •  From 10-12 weeks with my second baby. And they were a bit painful.   Deirdre
  •  I experienced Braxton hicks from about 16 weeks… I had them the whole way through and ended up having a quick and easy labour…   Fleur
  •  I didn’t get it at all.   Renae
  •  38 weeks and two days later turned into contractions and I was in labour.   Maria
  •  With bubba no1 from about 28wks, With bubba no2 (currently 25 wks along) started around week 20.   Chana
  •  18 weeks no one believed me.   Maria
  •  23 weeks. Went right through. Good thing is, I actually didn’t know it was in labour due to being used to Braxton hicks. Went to the hospital for other reasons only to be told I was 8cm!   Kylie
  •  18 weeks with my second.   Corrie-Anne
  •  From around 20 weeks, that I know of. I couldn’t actually feel them, the midwife told me when I had a check up!    Sophie
  •  16 weeks first baby.   Tess
  •  I was getting braxton hicks around the 20 week mark.   Kristin
  •  From 20 weeks.    Donna
  •  From around 13 weeks till I gave birth with all 5 of my little ones.   Em
  • I had them from 20 weeks until the day I gave birth to my first.    Linda
  •  I had Braxton hick contractions from 8 weeks pregnant till the day I had my dd.  Alana
  •  28 weeks.   Tennille
  •  From 20 weeks. Also took raspberry leaf tea from 28 weeks and I think that definitely made them stronger!   Rachel
  •  With my second baby I experienced Braxton hicks from 11 weeks!!! They weren’t too bad to begin with and I was shocked when the dr told me that’s what it was due to having 1&2 so close together (my oldest was only 5 months old when I fell pregnant again) and apparently you have them from even earlier you just can’t feel them, I certainly felt mine but I learnt to live with it they got really intense toward the end but still didn’t have baby until 39+4!!!   Kelly
  •  I started getting them before 18 weeks, my pregnancy went on till 40+10.   Amy
  •  Around 25 wks with no1, 13 wks with no2, and around 28wks with no3. All babies come late as well.    Karla
  •  Im 27 weeks and have been feeling them since 24weeks. This is my first. The mid wife said ftm dont usually feel them. Not sore, just annoying and weird.   Louise
  •  I had Braxton hicks at 4-5 m.   Fin
  •  17 weeks.   Jess
  •  Since 19/20 weeks.   Kellie
  •  I was around 30 weeks if I remember? Maybe 32? I only got them a couple of times when I over did it with house work. Nothing too noticeable.   Tammy
  •  Don’t remember with my 1st pregnancy, but they started at 17 weeks with my 2nd, and 11 weeks with my 3rd.   Rebecca
  •  Since 30 weeks, I’ve had them every day, they started only lasting for a few seconds once or twice a day, now I’m 40 weeks and I get them lasting a few minutes and occurring every few minutes. They take the breath away… More annoying than anything!   Rachel
  •  16wks.   Jade
  •  26weeks.  Jamie
  •  27 weeks.   Dani
  •  I started getting mine at 16 weeks.   Cheyene
  •  About 20 weeks a few times a day then as I got closer to being full term was getting lots of tightenings a day.   Melissa
  •  The earliest was with my second from about 20 weeks.   M’leigh
  •  I’ve had Braxton hicks since 22w… I’m now 35+2, first pregnancy.   Leesa
  •  I had braxton hicks from about 22 weeks.   Betty
  •  Second pregnancy, currently 35+4, and I’ve never had them!    Krystal

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