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Experience with SRC Recovery Pants in pregnancy

healthy pregnant woman doing yoga in natureJust wondering if other mums have used src recovery┬ápants in pregnancy? They’ve been recommended to me by my physio for my weak pelvis but my problem is that they are $189 and not covered by my private insurer. Who has had experience with these and are they worth the money?

  • I used the SRC pregnancy shorts and they were amazing. I think you can claim some back from your health insurance so you could look into that. I had massive hip and pelvic pain throughout my pregnancy and I found the made a big difference when I took them off for a few hours. You can sleep in them too. If a physio has recommended them I would assume you probably would benefit. They are expensive but I think in this case it is worth the price to make you more comfortable. I also tried a sacro belt but it did nothing and I couldn’t sit down in it so shorts were much better Danielle
  • i used the STC pregnancy shorts from 23 weeks and they were so worth the money made the second half of my pregnancy relatively pain free and comfortable. I also usedthe recovery shorts after anf they were fantastic Karina
  • Have used them and they were worth the money. Had the recovery ones too… Tammy
  • I used src recovery pants, well worth every one of those $189 Vanessa
  • not worth it but if you really want them you can find 2nd hand ones on gumtree Shazzy
  • I had them and they were great, not foolproof and for me with a caesar belly it was an odd fit. But if you’re needing them get them. My only advice would be if you’re borderline sizes go the smaller ones, I had trouble with mine because the physio advised me to get the larger size and they became loose after a few wears (bit like lorna Jane gym pants if you know what I mean?) Kate
  • I lived in my SRC pregnancy shorts. Massive SIJ instability, could hardly walk. Worth every cent! Melissa
  • if your talking about the src pregnancy shorts than yes spend the money. I had a prolapse due to a weak pelvis from my first and they made it so I could carry on with my life. On washing days when they were still damp in the morning I was in agony and could barely walk. As soon as I put them on pain was gone. They are great and help post delivery swelling too. Only compliant is they are hot. Kirstan
  • I had SRC pregnancy shorts as had a really bad back. They did help but didn’t get rid of it entirely. I also had the SRC recovery shorts which I have found really good. They helped to bring everything back together. My private health find didn’t cover them either. Lauren
  • I had serious pelvic pain with my first pregnancy and found the shorts very comforting. They are seriously expensive. You can try buying them on eBay or on some of the buy swap sell pages on fb. Most of them are used but still work quite well. Diana
  • Yes, i used the src pregnancy shorts for spd and they were wonderful. I rarely took them off for the third trimester. I had cover tho so it didnt hurt my pocket as much. I wouldn’t have been able to work to 37 weeks without them. It was the only support i could find that i could wear while sitting and sleeping. Good luck Tianne

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