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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction in pregancy

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Q&A: Can anyone please share their experiences with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)?

baby hates tummy time

Expert Physio Advice: HELP! My baby hates tummy time!

If you have a baby you’ve undoubtedly heard people talking about tummy time! It’s so important but so many babies seem to dislike it. What’s a mum to do? Read …

why crawling is important

Importance of baby crawling

Crawling is more than just your baby’s way of getting around before they walk. Learn more about the importance of baby crawling and¬†how it is a¬†milestone that is crucial in …

Experience with SRC Recovery Pants in pregnancy

Q&A: Just wondering if other mums have used ‘pregnancy pants’.

Episiotomy recovery with physiotherapy

Q&A: Has anyone had a midwife refer them to a physio because of a traumatic birth that required a large episiotomy?

Helping Baby with a flat spot on head

Q&A: My 15 week old keeps sleeping on his back with his head facing the same side. I try and face his head the other way so he doesn’t get a flat spot but each night he just positions himself back on his favourite side. He is facing the wall he is next to in the bassinet so it’s not like he’s facing me in bed. Anyone else with the same problem? What did you do?