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Experiences with infant lip tie

lip tieWhat were peoples experiences with having an upper lip tie cut? Was it more traumatic for mum or bub? I hate the thought of bub’s next needles let alone anything else. How was their bubs recovery? What were they like once it was done regarding breastfeeding? Did you notice an improvement? I’m worried bub will find it really painful and be distraught for a long time.

  •  My daughter was born tongue tied & at a tiny 2wks of age I decided to take her to have a frenotomy (skin under the tongue cut back to a normal size) after the procedure she cried for about 10 seconds, then had her dummy or a feed & forgot about it. The pros of having it done, far outweigh the cons in this situation… It is definitely more traumatic for the mums/dads as the little ones recover so quickly.    Fifi
  •  If in Victoria, Australia check out Coburg dental group, they were more than helpful to us and the dentist took the time to call me himself. Goodluck    Chloe
  •  Have baby checked for a tongue tie as well, as often a tongue tie accompanies a lip tie. Have it assessed by an IBCLC lactation consultant who’ll be able to tell you if it’s affecting breastfeeding. I had my DD’s tongue tie cut at 2.5 months. No one picked it up because she was a great weight, but it’s only because I fed on demand and she fed constantly. Saw quite a big improvement, I saw a breastfeeding counselor for a few sessions afterwards as baby and I had to re-learn how to latch properly, now DD had full use of her tongue. And it was definitely more traumatic for me than for DD. She cried for 15 seconds and that was it. There is a great Fb support group also Tongue Tie Babies Support Group.   Kimmy
  •  My twins are 7.5mths and had their lip tie and tongue ties done today definitely worse for me and dad than the twins they were crying a lot (mainly from being swaddled as last time they were swaddled was mths ago) until after once they breast fed they went straight to sleep and now they are a little unsettled but nothing extreme, their upper lip is a little swollen but is starting to go down already and breast feeding is pain FREE highly recommend that you do it, if you get it done alternate Neurofen and Panadol and give arnica pellets for swelling. Do it sooner rather than later I wish I had of known about it when they were younger.    Teressa
  •  Worse for you!! My lo had a little cry at the needle and then while the tie was being done lots of years but then you feed them and they are totally fine!! It was just hard for me to hear her cry. Take your partner or a support person with you though. She was right as rain the next day. She is still figuring out how to use her new mouth though but its only been two weeks. I was told as she is 6 weeks it will take her about 3 weeks I get the hang of it. (Half their age) good luck.   Danielle
  •  Much worse for the parents than the baby, especially if it’s being done by laser. Our daughter was distressed, but I honestly believe it was more to do with her head and arms being restricted and having fingers in her mouth, than pain. She was upset for about 5-10 minutes post-revision, wouldn’t feed, but fell asleep in the car. Required Panadol for the first day, then nothing after that. Stretches and massage required for the next two weeks. Completely different baby afterwards!! Pain free breast feeding for me, no clicking for her. Significant reduction in wind, no spilling milk from the side of her mouth, feeds are super quick as she is now very efficient!    Megan

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