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Breastfeeding pain at 6 weeks

Breastfeeding pain in mum feeding a 6 week old. Mums share what caused their pain and what helped. Suggestions include thrush, vasospasms, tongue tie and more

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Tongue Tie Surgery

Learn all about tongue tie, the impact on breastfeeding, speech and the options for surgery. Parents share their experience with tongue tie surgery and how their child coped.

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Experiences with infant lip tie

Q&A:¬†What were peoples experiences with having an upper lip tie cut? Was it more traumatic for mum or bub? I hate the thought of bub’s next needles let alone anything else. How was their bubs recovery? What were they like once it was done regarding breastfeeding? Did you notice an improvement? I’m worried bub will find it really painful and be distraught for a long time.