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Experiences with Amniocentesis

experiences with amniocentesisJust found out I have to have an amniocentesis because of 1 in 186 risk fetal abnormalities. Just after some support/words of wisdom from others who might have been through this. I’m 35 and 12 weeks pregnant.

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  • There is now a lab in Australia doing NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) or the Harmony test. It’s called something else, but I cannot find the link. It was recently posted on Essential Baby Kelly
  • Definitely ask about the blood test that gets sent to the US. Much less invasive and no risks to bubs. It isn’t covered by Medicare, costs about $400 and takes a bit longer for results but it would have been my choice. Also, remember, YOU are in control. You don’t HAVE to have any test you aren’t comfortable with. Kat
  • Have u been offered panorama blood testing. Its expensive but alot less invasive. A sample of blood and a cheek swab from dad is sent to the USA and the results are 99% accurate. I definitely recommend asking ur ob/midwife/gp about the blood test. Brittany
  • I was also a high risk and now have a healthy and happy seven month old. Try not to worry too much. It’s a shock to hear but I think it’s quite common and age affects the results. Not sure if you have heard about it or not but there is also a blood test that can be done instead of an amniocentesis. Your DNA is separated from the babies to give you a result. It’s costly but less risk than an amnio. Just a thought. Best wishes and I’m sure everything will be ok. Michelle
  • I had a test result of 1:12 and I was 37 years old. I had the amniocentesis and I am not going to lair it was the wrost couple of days of my life and having no clue what to do. I have to say getting that phone call to say everything was fine and I was having a little girl was the best call of my life. My little miss is a very happy healthy 9 month old now. The positive thing was we found out very early the baby sex. I know its easier said then done but try not to stress to much and I hope you get that fantastic phone call soon. Peta
  • I had a high risk pregnancy… 1 in 250 at 17 years of age. It freaked me out. Now I have a beautiful 7 month old baby boy who is totally fine. I know if may be a huge shock and completely come from left field but just keep your chin up, your little one is depending on you Take each day as it come as you can’t change what ever result. I personally had an amniocentesis as I was told the blood test couldn’t tell me for sure what I could be dealing with and as a young mum I needed to know and prepare. I know you will love that baby no matter what the outcome! Neneh
  • I am 23 and had a 1 in 93 risk.come back at 12 weeks I had the harmony blood test done as amniocentesis has a risk of.miscarriage. The blood test was expensive but.well.worth it! Rach
  • Firstly, I have to say I completely understand how you feel! And I know it is a lot easier said than done, but really try not to worry about your high risk result. It is a risk factor rather than a diagnosis at this stage. Try to just focus on what options are available to you so you can get a better understanding of what is actually the case rather than just that number on the page. I too received a high risk result after the 12 week screening & am 35 like yourself. I would definitely recommend investigating Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing as an option. Like other people have said, it is a blood test that is sent to the U.S. & gives a very accurate result. All up it cost $580 at that time & I have since been told by my OB that it has gone down now to around $400. If it is something you can afford it is definitely worth investigating. It was a very difficult time for us but we made the decision to have the blood test rather than an amnio, purely based on the risk to our baby. We decided something non-invasive suited us better even though there was a cost involved & that we would make further decisions about an amnio depending on the NIPT test result. It took around 10 days from memory to get the result. In the end, we had no abnormalities detected so didn’t have any further testing. Ask lots of questions & make sure you’re comfortable with whichever way you go, but just know that you don’t have to have an amnio to get the peace of mind you’re wanting. Best of luck to you! Samantha
  • After an abnormal NT test, and my age etc i was told my baby had a 1 in 6 chance of chromosomal abnormalities and was referred straight to genetic counselling. Long story short…I had the amino done, which didn’t hurt and non-traumatic for me and baby. We got our results after 2-3 days on Xmas eve and told we were having a healthy baby girl. Best xmaspresent ever! I think it pays to try and be relaxed as you can, and believe everything is going to be fine. Vicky
  • I had 1 in 11 chance of an abnormality. I chose not to have an amino and the blood test was out of reach for us financially at the time. It is your choice ultimately to have an amino or not. I did a lot of research on my own and had the chance to speak to about 4 obgyns. I did feel they were trying to push me into it a little. But in the end I made the decision that was right for me. And I am so happy to say I have a perfectly healthy 6mth old. I must admit not knowing during the pregnancy was stressful and we did have to prepare for the worst when it was time for him to arrive so not having the amino and having the outcome unknown had its draw backs but I don’t think I’d do it differently. Good luck Sara
  • We had amnios on our twins due to a 1:50 risk of chromosomal abnormalities. The amnios were next to painless and we had the preliminary results back within 3 days (longest 3 days of our lives!) our results came back negative for any chromosomal abnormalities after what was considered a very high risk. It didn’t cost us a cent. I wish you all the best, it’s a very scary uncertain wait x Kara
  • I had to have a amniocentesis at 20 weeks, it was a bit painful but not terrible, just be calm and focus on breathing. Make sure you have someone with you to take you home. Its more the waiting that was the hard part for me. About 3 days for the FISH results and then 2 weeks for everthing else. Stay in bed and try to relax as best you can. Movies, books whatever to keep your mind from racing. If you can have someone there with you for the first day. Don’t do anything for 3-5 days with the risk of miscarriage its not worth it, even after take it easy if you can. You will be sore as well. I found I was very tender and sore for about 5 days after. Best of wishes, PM me if want to talk more xoxox Andria


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