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Experiences with Epidurals

experiences with epiduralsI was looking for people’s experiences with epidurals?

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  • I had an epidural with my first, was fantastic, no complications Rachel
  • Had the epidural, my blood pressure was so high they said don’t be a hero and have it. It was scary because your body feels like a slab of cement, you’re dead from the breasts down. However it was better than the pain of contractions. I just tried not to push the button too much. If I had the choice of it again I think I would do it. I was against it in my antenatal classes, but all plans went out the window with my birth plan. Emmaline
  • I had my baby girl 13 days ago and I’m epileptic, which meant I pretty much started the epidural straight away…though I did feel constricted my birth was quite easy and I didn’t feel uneasy at all! Try not to read a lot if forums on them. People do say a lot of bad stuff instead of the good things and sometimes make you a lot scared than what you need to be Rochelle
  • Epidural is fantastic! I was still able to move my legs and could still feel when to push but the terrible pain was gone. My labour was quite quick (6 hrs start to finish) and I got my epidural right at the end when I was fully dilated I managed to stay still for them to put it in there was no way I wasn’t having it. I also birthed vaginally so don’t be scared that all epidurals can result in c sections i didn’t and I know many other ppl who had epidurals and had fantastic experiences. Good luck ! Kimberley
  • I had an epidural due to the fact I had to be induced and the pain in such a short period of time was too much for me to handle. By the time they gave me the epidural, it was too late (the doctor didn’t check to see how far dilated I was) I was fully dilated. The epidural kicked in after I gave birth but was great because I didn’t feel anything after. I would recommend them if you get it at the right time & make your doctor check how displayed you are first. My son was pushing on my sciatic nerves which was so painful, the epidural couldn’t even conceal. If I ever have a natural birth again (which I’m not planning on, I want a cesarean) I would definitely have the epidural again! Jessica
  • Epidural was a life saver as my bub went back to back and it was horrendous! They didn’t believe me with how much pain I was in at first and were only giving me panedine haha then I got the epidural and they realised he was back to back. Only problem was, when I started to push I started feeling pain again, and my dad realised the epidural had actually fallen out and onto the floor so it couldn’t go back in so it turned out quite bad but the odds of that happening r very rare. My advice, if u feel like u want an epidural? Don’t let them tell u otherwise, fight for it!! Scream for it Kitty
  • Saved me during labour. Didn’t feel the needle / no pain. Tamsyn
  • Great invention in the history of forever! Bec
  • I had a limited epidural after 13 hours on the drip at full blast with nothing happening. Made contractions much more bearable but I could definitely still feel everything and was able to move around highly recommend! Nikita
  • I had one 8 weeks ago an I’m still having back pain on my spine from it It did help during labor but I could still feel it just took the edge off. If I go again I won’t be having another. Lauren
  • I was reluctant to have an epidural but after having it I wondered why I waited so long. Epidural worked a treat for me and no lasting side effects. Tracey
  • I was pretty scared of the whole idea, especially how much the needle would hurt but the only thing i felt was the local and that felt more like being pricked with a staple. Then i felt a bit cold from the drug and lost all feeling in one of my legs and then i feel asleep, completely out cold. I’d done 29 hours and only made it to 7cm and another 12 hrs to get to 10. The most painful part was the catheter, but they had used the wrong size for me. I still felt some contractions but they were back to under control. Then having to go to an emergency c section already having the epidural in place was amazing! I could feel them pushing her out but no pain! I would 100% recommend it! Kirsty
  • I had an epidural at 6cm dialated (4 weeks ago). It didn’t work. They moved it at 8cm still didn’t work. 3rd attempt in a totally new spot at 9.5cm dialated finally worked. I had no idea this could happen. But when it kicked in before I had to push her out posterior & star gazing I was so thankful the 3rd one worked Lauren
  • I had epidural with my first (and only so far). Had no complications although it wasn’t strong enough and I still felt contractions/pains but I felt that was good as I knew when to push. I loved having it, it took away the unbearable pains and I (almost) enjoyed the experience. Kristy-Lea
  • mine didnt work at all Jasmin
  • Mine was just over 5 months ago. Loved it. Relatively painless to put in (just the local injections felt), could still feel my legs and move in the bed and completely worked. Didn’t feel a thing for hours. Wore off quickly and was walking within the hour. No complications after. Best thing ever. Next time I won’t let them let it wear off for pushing. Kat
  • Just see how you go in labour.. I was asking for one but by the time the anaesthesiologist came in he was out.. I’ve heard so many stories of them stuffing it up and people having constant pain months after Rachael
  • Had a epidural with my first. I wasn’t coming along very well. Was at the same dilatation for hours. They gave me one to help me relax and it was the best thing. Helped to dilate within an hour or so. Didn’t have it with my second, wanted to try without. Both ways were right for their birth. Danielle
  • Well I guess I’m going to be the negative among the positive comments. Had one with my second baby after drug free first labour. I was induced with my second and felt I needed a bit of a break from the heavy and fast contractions. It didn’t really work properly and was too late to top up as I got to pushing stage quickly. Waste of money for me. Didn’t waste my time with my 3rd and when drug free again. Not only was I disappointed that I had done it but disappointed it didn’t work. Much preferred to just get myself through the pain. I’m not saying don’t. If it works I’m sure it would be great. Do some research though I’ve read alot about alternative pain relief such as a tens machine etc. People rave about them. Best of luck. Melissa
  • My epidural didn’t work unfortunately. It only numbed one side of my body and so didn’t really do much for the contractions or pressure. They tried to top it up a couple of times and I ended up with severe shakes etc. in the end I had an emergency c section anyway so had to have a spinal block on top of the failed epidural. 2 weeks later I still have numbness in my lower back. Melanie
  • I had one for my first birth (induced). It didn’t work properly and my right leg went completely dead and my back numbed. My left leg and stomach/uterus were still fully feeling. So basically it left me in heaps of pain and still sucking on the gas but unable to move around at all. I even had to get my husband and nurse to turn me over on the bed as my leg was so dead i couldnt do it on my own. The upside to it not working properly was i didnt need to be coached when to push or to have any forceps/vacuum etc Also in case you don’t realize (which I didn’t beforehand) you’ll have to have a catheter as well which is pretty annoying in itself! My second was gas only and amazing! Kelsi
  • Best. Invention. Ever. Lol my baby was posterior and I was in horrendous pain. I was in so much pain didn’t even feel the epidural go in. Once in I was another person Krystal
  • I had a much much nicer experience with bringing my daughter into this world on an epidural, although I really couldn’t feel anything. Kelly
  • First one I dislodged. Second baby was great It was a low dosage do I could still walk around perfectly fine and feel everything wasnt numb at all like people claim! But with a 10lb posterior baby I think It helped me survive Sophie
  • I had an epi after 11 hours at the hospital in active labour. I was stuck to the bed with cables and monitors and a trace on bubs head for hours and hours and that is the only reason I got it, I couldn’t stand not being able to move around any longer. It stalled my labor and I had to have pitocin to get contractions going again. It was like heaven when it kicked it though, the pain just disappeared and I slept for a few hours I think, til it was time to push. Long story short four hours of pushing got me no where and she was delivered in theatre by ventous. In hindsight have the epic meant I didn’t have a csec because she had to be delivered then and there was no time to do it, they would have pit me under a general for it. It really just depends on your situation and pain threshold and how your handling it. But if you ask for it, make sure you ask yourself if it’s because your in the transition and bubba is close. There is no right or wrong answer you just do what’s best for you Lisa
  • Had one with my first, an induced labour. Didn’t feel a thing Natalie
  • Terrible, took 5 attempts due to lower back problems (yes I gave them a copy of cat scan results), then cause it was put in so high it didn’t feed through. The anaesthetist had to keep coming into the room and manually topping up through the port. Saying that, bad experience but better when pushing than my first with no pain relief. Speak to you anaesthetist team and get all your facts. I did! Kirsten
  • Ive had it with both babies and there amazing when u first get the needle in the back it hurts but for like a quick 5 seconds at the most and then its all good it deffinatly worth it if u dont have a high lai. Thresh hold or are scared of labour it self but theres nothing to be worfied about and the risk that go with it are very very rare so I say go for it Ellejay
  • I’ve had epidurals both times with mine and loved every second of them! My son was 10 hour labour and I just cruised through it. My daughter was a 4.5 hour labour and I felt every contraction once I was 10cms, but wasn’t so much in pain as just very aware of the contractions. Both times I was up and walking when labour was over with no problems. And I would have an epidural again and again and again and I was so against them before!! Melanie
  • I had an epidural for my birth and it was amazing! I felt so relaxed and looked forward to actually getting her out…I ended up having massive complications and ended up in theatre so i would have needed one anyway. I still feel a little niggle at the site of the needle due to scar tissue Belinda
  • Best experience for first time. I wouldnt go through labour without it! The doctor walks you through the whole process and explains everything best of luck with your decision. Laurie
  • I had a epidural with my first. After 30 hours of labour she turned and her spine was up against mine, it was excruciating! My hair sand and mum told midwifed to give me an epidural as I couldn’t talk. While I wish I did it all natural, the last couple of hours made her birth so much more enjoyable as I got to have s sleep and then enjoy the cuddles once she was born feeling half rested. I am about to have a second and will try for a natural again but I will definitely opt for the epidural if I need it. It’s not scary at all!! Karina
  • I did not feel a thing from start to finish, i did not even feel any pain pushing out my big 9.5pound baby. I will definitely be having an epidural every time. No issues after or putting it in either Tara
  • I had an epidural with both my girls first one worked and was great!! But had lots of stitches and long recovery down there… Second baby it didn’t work and I was in agony but had less stitches and faster recovery Juanesse

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