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First and second child behaviour and sleep differences

fist baby vs second babyHow did your second child compare to your first child in sleep and behaviour? My older daughter will be 3 when the baby is born.

  • 2nd has been just as good with sleeping and is better behaved if that’s possible as my first was an angel but my 2nd is even better. Kiri
  • My first son used to wake up twice during the night then dropped down to once. He didnt sleep fully through untill he was 13 months old. My second sleeps nearly all night she is almost 4 months old. She goes to sleep around 9 and sleeps through till any where between 5.30 and 7.30 Every now and then she wakes up around 3ish. My son turned 3 8 days after she was born. Also with my son i had to either rock him or feed him to sleep which lasted untill 13 months. My daughter will self settle if she wakes up when i put her down. Erin
  • Total opposites in every single way and my third is different again. every child is different. I’ve learnt to never expect the same thing as they are all individuals. I’ve got three boys. Melissa
  • First baby was a dream slept so well with proper naps in the day time the second was not that good it wasn’t the worst thing but it was definitely a change to have a baby that didn’t sleep a lot she stopped day sleeps at about 2 and before that only had random sleeps here and there and she’s only in the last 6 months or so stopped waking in the night she turned 4 in October but she will sleep at daycare so who knows lol Jacinta
  • My eldest is generally well behaved and sleeps pretty well through the night now , my second child is the naughty one and has trouble staying in bed and she is 5 but once asleep stays asleep and my 3rd child is pretty well behaved sometimes and tends to copy his older sister at times but once asleep stays asleep even with sharing a room with his brother. Danielle
  • Every child is born with their own personality so it’s luck of the draw. My first was a great sleeper at night and had good naps during the day. 2nd is a catnapper and was sleeping through from about 10 weeks until 16weeks, he’s gone backwards now and waking 1-2 times a night. Anna
  • I thought my first was chilled out, but my second is even more so. #2 sleeps through the night at 3 months old, #1 still wakes up most nights (she is 2). I swear it’s luck of the draw. Amy
  • My kids were both reasonably good sleepers, sleeping through from about 8 weeks. I think sometimes kids pick up on how you feel and act accordingly. Best thing I did was put a tshirt I had worn in bed with them. Due to having a girl and a boy they are quite different temperament wise. Rhiannon
  • Completely different in every way. Nothing alike. For us #2 has been much harder. Our 1st turned 3 about 6 weeks before 2nd was born. Every child is different from my experience! Jen
  • My son was also 3 when my daughter was born and both have been great sleepers. First sleeping 12hrs from 8 weeks and second sleeping 12hrs from 9 weeks. Second wakes a little more during the night than my first did but only because she’s a tummy sleeper that can’t roll back yet if she gets uncomfortable. Nicole
  • My 1st was easy didn’t have routine with him he slept when he slept and a very happy go lucky child. My 2nd was a little different and was a cat napper when we first brought her home, but once a routine was put in place she sleeps well. Her behaviour is a little bit more demanding then her brother but as she is getting older she is becoming more easier to deal with just remember everyone child is different I am expecting my 3rd in June and wondering what type of baby it will be Christie
  • My 2nd baby is a great sleeper, and my 3rd is even better! I think they just learn they need to wait sometimes. Good luck Nicole
  • Every child is different. I have 4 boys. First one (now 13) was not too bad, second…all he ever did was sleep (now 12 and still the same). 3rd has been super good but super bad at times (18mths) and my 3 month old is a horrible sleeper day and night. Kelly

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