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First Birthday Present Ideas For Boy

first birthday present idea for boyWhat are your go-to first birthday gifts for a BOY?

**Ideas for girls first birthday presents here

  • Tonka truck.. 1st truck for a 1st birthday! Leeni
  • Cozy coupe car. Bec
  • Stainless cutlery with name engraved on them. Sheree
  • Personalised My First Year Books! Printed as a board book so they can enjoy them too. Yasmin
  • Personalized name puzzle from or mega blocks. Mel
  • Night lights for the little ones Mel
  • Blocks. Chanelle
  • Some nice “real” crockery and cutlery engraved with their name.
    We bought this for our son’s 1st bday ((along with a billion other things)) and will do the same for our daughter. Sheree
  • Books or clothes or educational toys. Tiffany
  • I want to get my baby boy a trike that I can push him in at the beginning. Liz
  • I like to give clothes. Kids get so many toys these days. Tiffany
  • Pewter my first tooth and my first curl treasure boxes. Usually in a train/car or Noahs ark design, with their name and/or birth date engraved on it. Rebebba
  •  Eric Carle Touch and Feel play book. It’s awesome! Kintara
  •  puzzles or trucks. Jody
  • Camping chair. Natalie
  •  Books! That’s not my ….. Or I’d like to be a ….. Are both great touch and feel book series.
    Something they want

    Something they need
    Something to wear or
    Something to read Julie
  • Trucks, blocks & cute outfits Zara
  • Trucks & toy cars. Olivia
  •  A car/push walker. Christine
  • Wooden blocks. Ashlee
  • I ask the parents what he needs Chantelle
  • Books, clothes, wooden toys. Jeanette
  • Cars, Lego, trucks, fishing rod, clothes , books. Wendy
  • Personalised name train or puzzle. Gaynor
  • Backpack and books. Lauren
  • A personalized book for both boys and girls. Ruth
  • I have been slowly collecting things for my 2nd sons 1st birthday. So far we have a wheelies ride on, name puzzle, book, soft dusty plane and a little car. Katrina
  • Lego. Belle


What are your go to first birthday present ideas for boys, comment below


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