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Geocaching – A Treasure Hunt with Kids

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Do you have active kids? Are you always looking for new ways to entertain them? Would you like to go on an adventure that is a tonne of fun for adults as well as the little ones? I’ve got one word for you… “Geocaching”! By Kate O’Brien from Kate Veronica Photography

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Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon where people hide “caches” (or treasure as we call it in our household) so that others can search for them. It’s a real world treasure hunt! I tried out Geocaching for the first time recently with my 2 year old son. We got dressed up in our “treasure hunting clothes”, downloaded the free app and off we went out into the bush to find some loot. It was so much fun for Hayden and, truly, it is also really fun for adults as well.

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There are varying levels of difficulty in finding the different caches (containers holding little trinkets and a notepad for you to record your name), so you can pick ones that are age appropriate for your kids. Use your smart phone as a GPS device and follow the clues to find the treasure. Inside the containers you might find different little trinkets such as stamps or stickers or other small items. The thrill and excitement on the kid’s faces when they find the hidden treasure is priceless and I guarantee that you will be mega excited too! It’s kind of addictive.

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I have a checklist of things that you should organise before heading out to Geocache. I have been caught out a few times so I plan on making up a little Geocaching backpack so that we are better prepared next time. Here are the basics for beginners:

  • Mozzie repellent!! Can’t stress this enough.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Water bottle
  • Appropriate footwear for a bit of bush bashing (no, thongs don’t cut it, trust me)
  • Pen, pencil and a spare – you need to log your name when you find the cache
  • Spare water tight sandwich bags – in case you need to replace old ones in the caches
  • Your smart phone with the downloaded app
  • A sense of adventure – don’t give up too early, the caches are there to be found you might just need to have a good search!

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Geocaching is a great way to get yourself and your kids outdoors and exploring the world around you. You can spend a little or a lot of time looking for caches. Try it out this weekend, I know I will be.

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Kate O’Brien is a photographer. Visit her website or facebook page.

Have you ever been geocaching before? What was your best cache find?



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