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Getting Ready For Second Baby

Getting Ready For Second BabyAlmost 20 weeks with baby number two. My son will be 2.5 when this one is born. Just wondering if you lovely mummys (with similar age gaps) have any tips to make the transition from one to two easier? Anything you wish people would have told you before your second arrived? Number one is already in a great routine, so hopefully that helps.

  • 1-2 is probably the biggest change.. No more chills when that one sleeps, double washing etc. Be ahead of your game, easy dinners, quiche, pasta bake.. Things with leftovers that the kids can eat too. Baths before 6 so your not rushed etc. if you don‘t need that one thing from the shop right that minute, don’t go and wait till you can go later with just one or none. Groceries online .. Just be prepared ahead of time. Jody
  • I only have one for now but would always recommend online groceries, check out coles and woolies sites to see if they deliver. I use woolies and have not been disappointed yet! Naomi
  • A slow cooker will be your best friend. Put dinner on early no stuggling with 2 children late in the afternoon. Emm
  • Get a capsule and a good baby carrier for the baby. Jessica
  • Stick with your toddlers routine. If #1 is still napping during the day then try and get bubs to have a nap during that time (at least for some of the time) so you can have a rest too. Freeze meals to get you through the first few weeks. Ask for help from family, friends etc . Get your hubby to do something one on one with your toddler once a week so they don’t feel too left out ( gives you a break too !) . I went from one to two 2 months ago and it’s not as busy as I thought! Good luck Lauren
  • I found that the evening routine went right out the window for the first few weeks which was hard everyone. Also make sure hubby or someone spends some one on one time with your toddler and your bub so that you can spend some time with your toddler. Melanie
  • I have 7 week old & 20month old & definitely have to say prepare meals ahead of time. Online shopping will be your best friend in the early weeks.
    Number 1 may change their routine a slight bit due to changes in the house. If your family is close by accept any of their help. Brooke
  • I wish someone told me that having the second baby will be a major change on the 1st. I have the exact age gap as yours. My first born will be 3 come June. And my new baby is 8 weeks old. Both are boys. I have always spent a lot of time with my 1st son. So initial days, he saw that I was giving the baby more attention. I was juggling both back to back. Once baby was down for a nap, it was big bro time, we played, read books and spent lots of time together. This helped lots. He understands baby needs mom and keeps himself busy when I am with the baby. This is also the time where hubby tries to keep the boy occupied. Wish you a beautiful pregnancy and lots of playtime for your 1st born. Shabana
  • include #1 as much as possible… Bathing ( let toddler get stuff ready/pack away & ‘ wash’ baby with cloth) , changing ( get Nappies and wipes, put dirty in bin ect) , dressing ( pick out clothes help do buttons up) , feeding ( hold bottle or if breast feeding get mum a pillow. My kids use to Unclip my shirt as occasionally help attatched bubs) play time ( lay on the floor and ‘ teach’ baby tummy time, read books ect) .. When bubs is asleep make sure you have 1on 1 times with #1 and try to get bubs into toddlers sleep/night routine if you have one…
    The only routine I’ve had it my kids is bed time and they all go to bed at the same time… Or as close to as possible. Kirraleigh


  • Mine are 2yrs 2months 2 days apart. Get a good pram like a phil & ted where you can add the seat & alternate as bubs grows & is still great & easy to use if you only have one with you.
    Don’t get a capsule as they just creat more dead weight you have to carry aroundRoutine wise…. I had no 1 already in her big bed by time I was at 20 weeks so by time bubs arrived she’d be fully settled.
    I would get her sorted food wise etc during the day & then feed no2 as I knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Then when she was sorted I’d sit her down to watch hi5 or a show something to entertain her when I needed to feed.
    Then I’d also get her to help like a big sister if I needed a nappy or wipes & get her to help so she felt included.
    Just go with the flow & no2 & no1 will slot in nicely together
    Night time I’d bath them together after they’ve been fed, have a massage get pjs on, put no2 on play mat or in bouncer put no 1 to bed & then feed no2 & put them to bed.
    Just prepare yourself that it will take alittle longer to get out of the house with 2 then it did with one… Make sure you always have your nappy bag ready to go with stuff for Bub & little bits for no1 so it’s ready for you to just grab & go…. Otherwise it’s the same game as number 1
    Good luck exciting times ahead… Sherree


  • I have the same age gap….number 1 struggled a bit with the transition….but he’s getting there slowly, absolutely adores his baby sister, just not used to sharing mummy!
    I do a lot of slow cooker meals, that I can prep early in the day and not ha
    ve to worry about dinner as I I find evenings the most hectic.
    Involve your toddler in everything and ask him to help (even if it takes a bit longer to do things).
    I also do online shopping, and plan my errands for when my boy is in daycare. My housework suffers now, I only manage to get basics done and washing and I struggle with that but at the end of the day there’s only so much you can do! Thalia
  • There’s roughly 2.5 years gap between each of mine (I have 5) Just go with the flow and include the older child(ren) as much as possible, they adapt quite well. Don’t sweat the small stuff, if routine goes out of whack a bit or things don’t get done, don’t stress, it will all end up fine in the end. Yes, slow cookers are awesome, as someone else has said smile emoticon After a few weeks/months you will be settled into your new life with one extra bundle and at that point you won’t be able to imagine life any other way. Karlee
  • I wish someone had told me about after pains. These are contractions, but not as bad, that occur for a few days after the birth of your second baby. Most women don’t feel them after their first. From the second on and they can be quite painful. Susannah
  • Mine are 2.5 to 3 years apart now I am starting again with a 6 year age gap between my youngest an a 13 year age gap between my eldest it will all be fine they adjust well an love the company. Lisa
  • If someone offers to take the older sibling for a couple of hours take it up and sleep.
    Ask for help when you need it and to not be so hard on yourself. It’s hard work and the house will happen eventually. Paige
  • Having two is not hard, just have to be “5 minutes more organised” to quote my sister. It may be pretty vague advice, but believe me keeping it in the back of your mind makes things seem less difficult. Kyra
  • Try and make it so that the newborn and the toddler have a nap at the same time. Then rest in this time because there won’t be any other time. Amity
  • I would have a special activity that your toddler can do just during breastfeeding times?? A special colourings book or ipad or something that makes him excited for feeding times. He can sit up close with you to do it. Eve
  • We had exactly 2.5 years difference and the 2 big things that helped were for miss to be toilet trained and moved to her big girl bed. in the last 6 or so weeks we pretended that baby was with us – we used a doll and it came with us everywhere, in the car set, we put it down for nap times several times a day and practiced being quiet during “baby’s nap times” lots of Uh Oh, baby is crying or hungry etc. I took my tot baby shopping and she chose baby’s comforter and presented it to her in hospital, baby also had gifts for her older sister that were kept at the hospital (hidden in the bathroom. there were testing times when my little lady was born, older miss would ask if she could hit her (!!) and really played up during feeding times. try to be consistent with discipline and try to involve your tott in special activities as soon as baby is down. We did collage, painted nails, she helped me make a mess I mean cook etc. some one on one with your tott will help, take him/her out no baby even to go grocery shopping – a quick time away will help. Good luck life with 2 is really magical. Prep dinner in the morning, baby (or both) will be unsettled in evenings it sux, also make up a chore roster and get your partner to chose what to do eg, unstack dishwasher and sweep. Delegate mumma!  xx Mary
  • My daughter was 18mths when my baby girl was born I thought it would be hard but baby no2 was a great baby now 8mths old her 2 yr old sister is like a mother hen she wants to do everything for her she is the 1st person she kisses good morning & at times it is hard when both sick I just try give both them equal amount of attention I’m sure u will do just fine & ur 2.5 yr old will be fine with the new arrival too good luck. Lisa
  • I was told to have 2 little bags with each ones nappies and change of clothes in it . makes changing them in public so much easier. Teasha
  • Mine were the same. Stick with routine.
    We have our first settled in big bed, gave up dummy b4 our 2nd arrived.

    Don’t try toilet training (if not already) until bub is well and truly settled (about 3 months)
    Give them time to settle into having ‘competition’ in the house. Don’t force new bub onto them. Ask if they would like to help eg get nappy, get wipes, pass the cream. Emma
  • Our 2 are exactly 2.5yrs apart.  I won’t lie it was hard going for the first 3 months.
    Our oldest took a while to adjust, even trying every technique to involve her and keep her busy during feed times she just wanted attention and turned into this super busy ball of chaos!!
    After 3 months things started to get easier, she started to be interested in her brother and settled back into her normal self. Good luck. Amy
  • I have 2 boys with the exact age gap that you will have. Try to keep your eldest in his/her routine as best you can and slide bubs in around that. You will be more relaxed with no.2 so you’ll find it easier to be a bit flexible with them. Pre-prepare as many freezable meals as you can prior to babies arrival. Dinner time was always the hardest time for me when my 2nd was new. I often went without dinner as I had no time to cook! Belinda
  • My daughter was 18mnths when my son arrived.
    Prepare as much as u can the night before, bags, bottles, clothes, food… it’s time consuming at first but after a while you get quicker with everything.
    Don’t stress about #1 ‘ s routine everyday. The
    y are old enough to slip in and out daily if you need to be out of the house.
    I follow the routine from ‘save our sleep’ which is great. I have tweaked it a little so that I get time with each of them alone throughout the day.
    Bathing togwther is fun for #1 as they can play together.
    I usually try to have snack time at the same tiem as I feed #2 so it keeps her busy then she will help with burping and getting wipes & nappies for both of them.
    Bed time (at night) was hard as I was trying to put them both down at 7pm but I now keep #2 up till 7 . 30. This also helps me in the morning as he usually wakes up 30.minutes later.
    Try to get out of the house as much as you can – take #1 to the park or some here they can burn lots of energy so the have a great sleep
    Do as many quick cleans throughout the day, dishes and Floors etc, get dad involved with everything. Take turns cleaning the bathroom (any crappy jobs) and let the other have “fun play” time with thr kids. Wash clothes daily, this keeps it quick and get out
    door toys for #1 so you can hang it while #2 is asleep. Angela
  • Have the older sibling pick out a present for the new baby, and have a present from the new baby to big brother/sister. It made it fun at the hospital. Brianne
  • I had the same gap when I had my twins. She (2.5yr old) handled it pretty well but I wouldn’t do what everyone around me did and spoil her so she didn’t feel “left out”. I felt it made it worse when the spoiling stopped and we were back to normal routine. Alessa

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