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Second Pregnancy Different To First

second pregnancy different to firstI’ve just found out I’m pregnant with my second child and was wondering were people’s pregnancies different the second time around? I’m hoping so as my first pregnancy was really challenging.

  • I’m finding its different but not in the way id hoped. Everything is worse! The sickness, weight loss, bp, tiredness, spitting…. All worse than the first time. The only thing different is that I have no previa but I’m in a lot more pain. Pru
  • My 1st pregnancy was a breeze, (girl) & current pregnancy (boy) 33weeks is also a breeze. Just goes to show how different we all are durning pregnancies and how lucky I have been. Jamielee
  • My first pregnancy was a breeze, I was one of those women who could have happily stayed pregnant forever. Second was awful in comparison. Felt more nauseas, just as tired but couldnt rest as much, got stretchmarks and had puppps. Everything else was bareable but puppps is awful, wouldn’t wish it upon anyone!!! I just wanted the baby out so the itching would stop! However my second birth was fantastic and very healing after a terrible first birth experience. So yes, pregnancy can be different so hopefully yours will be easier this time! Good luck! Kelsi
  • my second pregnancy was completely different, but no better or worse. My first was terribly painful as my son cradled himself in the pelvic bone and terrifying as he arrived 8wks premature. My second, I had round the clock morning sickness, horrendous and painful heartburn, concerns with growth and another prem birth (made it to 36wks though) Rebecca
  • y 1st pregnancy was a nightmare. My hands, feet, legs and face were so swollen from 16weeks, I had carpel tunnel in both wrists and tendinitis in both wrists and had to wear braces on my arms, cortisone injections fixed that after bubs was born, plus I had massive pain in my pelvic area (can’t remember what the name of it is though). I also put on 35kg. My 2nd pregnancy was a breeze, no wrist pain and only put on 16kgs and only had mild swelling in the last 2weeks when our bodies have had enough of pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different and it doesn’t matter what sex the babies are as I had 2 girls. Rebecca
  • Very different so far. My daughter is 10 months and I had extremely bad nausea and vomiting and went though a lot of pain from expansion. Now 17 weeks with this one have had a little nausea and vomiting but nothing since 12 weeks. I actually feel amazing other than being tired from an active 10month old. If it wasn’t for my growing belly and the odd movements I would total forget I am pregnant Cassie
  • Congratulations!! I’m 31 weeks with number two and yes second time around has been different. The biggest improvement was less morning sickness (than god). The other change is that I feel less physically fit but I think it’s because in between babies I didn’t go back to my tennis/gym/cycling so I was less fit to start with. I’m still walking 2km on my 3 work days but that’s it… I started showing much earlier and at 6 months I was the size I was at 37 weeks, but I’ve gained less weight this time… Probably because I’m running after a toddler!! Elana
  • my 1st pregnancy was our boy and it was easy the perfect pregnancy my 2nd pregnancy we are expecting a girl and i have been nothing but sick tired and lack energy so it was a big shock this time round lol Jessica

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