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Was your second baby early or late?

Was your second baby early or late?Those mums who went over for their first bub, Was your second baby early or late?

  • Over with bub 1, 2 and 3 Verity
  • My son and daughter were both a week late! Zoe
  • Both my babies came late & induced with both, first 41+6, second 42+1…they were very happy staying put Christina
  • My first was 5 days overdue, but my second was 6 days early. Larissa
  • I went over for my first 3 and my last one came 2 days early Amy
  • I went over with my first (41 +3) but my second was born on his due date. Ashleigh
  • I went over with all three of mine! Lauren
  • I went 2 days over with my first son (naturally went into labour) Second son I was 9 days over (induced labour) Amanda
  • first induced at 41, second was spontaneous at 39+1 Vicki
  • 9 days over with my first, 9 days early with #2 Ceridwen
  • Yes went over 9 days with my son and was a day over with my daughter. Was more upset that they were worried she was going to come early and they put me on tablets to stop her coming early and then she was late though lol Jade
  • 7 days over with first natural and 8 days over with second and was induced for that one. Each day over due date was hard lol felt like I was going to b pregnant forever Nicole
  • Totally different but I was early by 2 days with my 1st child and was a week and 1 day late with my 2nd. Lisa
  • First baby born at 40+5, second baby born at 41+4. Ellie
  • 1st was 4 weeks early Christie
  • 1st 3 days over. 2nd born on due date Jessica
  • 1st – waters broke on due date, born 40w+3days. 2nd- born 41w+4days. Both spontaneous labours. Tiffany
  • first born 40+1 second born 39+5 Dawn
  • first 41.1 Second 40.1 Third 41.1 Hoping fourth is earlier Alisa
  • First was born 42 weeks with induction. Second was born 25 weeks and still in SCN Bek
  • My 1st bub was 8 days over, my 2nd was 11 days over and I was labour induced because he just didn’t want out and my 3rd bub was only 3 days over Terrie
  • My first was 2 weeks over and my second was 1 week earlier Shannon
  • Was induced with 1st at 41+2. 2nd baby was born spontaneously at 38weeks Colleen
  • All of my 3 were born at 41 + 5wks. (1 induced 2 spontaneous) Natasha

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