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Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Happy family at home opening Christmas presentsWhat are some ideas for Christmas presents for grandparents?

  •  Last year were calendars for each of them. This year it’s photos of her holding letters spelling out NAN & POP.   Kristin
  •  Personalized photo calendars.   Steph
  •  Last year I got cheap as chips serving platters (white porcelain) some spotlight porcelain paint. And did hand and footprint Xmas trees. With their names and what year. For the aunties and uncles they got mugs with hand print of older son and foot of my newborn.   Jennifer
  •  A scrapbook of the kiddies!   Samantha
  •  We are doing canvas paintings for the grandparents this year. Something personal and done ny the kids…these are the ones that get the best reactions.   Kirsty
  •  I had my daughter paint mini canvasses last Xmas for each of the grandparents. She had a great time -she was 1.5 years old.   Sarah
  •  A cruise, a massage and day spa, a shopping voucher.   Donna
  •  I got my mum from the kids personalised coffee mugs. They are very nice.   Claire
  •  I am doing handmade bath products from a local small business. Mixed soap packs and shampoo, conditioner and soap packs. Grandparents know its coming and are SUPER excited!    Katrina
  •  Photos.   Lauren
  •  Buy a white coffee mug, paint it and cook it til it sets. Hand made photo frame of grandparents with grandchildren, calendars, or if the kids are old enough they can make their own book for them about all the fun things they do together and why they love them. All are cheap and at the same time priceless.    Jessikah
  •  Home made biscuits. A new tea cup/mug. An updated family photo. A voucher to take them out for lunch.   Megan
  •  Have just made photo calendars through a scoopon special for $5ea. I think it’s got a few hours till it finishes.   Rachael
  •  I make a DVD of all the little film clips and a selection of photos from throughout the year and give a copy to great grandparents and grandparents (and keep a copy for us). It is a nice way to get them up to date as we don’t see them very frequently.    Jessica
  •  Photo frames.   Deanna
  •  I’m hopefully going to get pictures with Santa printed out on a canvas.   Linsey
  •  I have made some jam.   Suzanne
  •  I always do framed professional photos of my son, personalised calendars, and school photos.   Sian
  •  Photo books of their grandchildren.   Melissa
  •  Gift basket of food products that they wouldn’t usually buy, especially if the older generations are on budgets. Sauces, marinades, mustards, biscuits, nuts, seeds etc that will last and are a real treat for them.   Veronica
  •  Homemade stuff… Or photo products! Last year my little guy did his hand and foot prints with his name on canvas and wrote h is name. This year we’ve got personalised Christmas cards that he did through school & photos.    Skye
  •  My mum only ever wants photos of our daughter as she doesn’t see her much. I do it in a really cute photo album.   Raquel
  •  A creation from the kiddies. My parents love something ds has made.   Krystal
  •  Calendars.   Martine
  •  Photos. My parents and in laws can never get enough! One year I made fridge magnets from Vistaprint which went down a treat!   Sandra
  •  Calendars w family!!!! My parents love them! Vistaprint is great.   Jess
  •  Personalised calendars, coffee mugs/canvases painted by the kids, anything to do with photos of grand kids/made by grandkids.   Katy
  •  On canvas use green paint and the Childs handprints to make the shape of a Christmas tree, once dry put some spots of glue on and let the child stick on some little glittery shapes or pom poms. Cut a star out of yellow paper and glue to the top of the tree. Make and decorate a gingerbread house with the kids as a gift. Get Santa photos done and frame them.    Suzie
  •  Personalised DVD photo presentations. Rhiannon 
  •  I got 2 cups from the newsagent and my kids are going to paint them and give to there nanna.   Marybeth
  •  Hand prints, foot prints.   Cassandra

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