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Xmas Shopping: Leaving it to the Last Minute (It can Be a Good Thing!)

Xmas Shopping: Leaving it to the Last Minute

Seriously, who would leave Xmas shopping to the last minute?

Especially when there are incredibly excited little people eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival … take a deep breath, this Mum did.

And it wasn’t all bad.

I am a list making, super organised Xmas shopper. I don’t like panicked last minute shopping expeditions. Well, that’s what I thought …

For the past few years finances in the lead up to Xmas have been a little strained. Waiting for business payments meant shopping ahead of time just wasn’t possible. I must admit, the first year this happened I was thrown into a state of anxiety – how on earth would I get presents for my own kids, let alone for our extended family and special friends?

In despair, I threw my hands up and said to my husband it could not be done! Solution … he was now completely in charge of Xmas shopping. See how you go with that my elf friend!

In his typical laid-back style, husband was not fazed. On Xmas eve, we headed into the city to do our Xmas shopping.

Xmas Shopping: Leaving it to the Last Minute

It was so quiet. Like the night before Christmas. Because it was.

This was very unnerving. For me it was evidence that everyone else was at home; presents wrapped, children singing Xmas carols, and parents kicking back basking in the glow of their tree lights.

However, once I came to terms with the lack of shoppers, it was actually a big relief not having to contend with overcrowded malls bursting with stressed out shoppers. No one was in meltdown mode – no vexed parents and no overtired kids throwing tantrums about wanting to open the Lego set meant for cousin, John. It was like everyone was on their very best behaviour knowing that Xmas was one sleep away.

The next test, would there be anything left in the shops? Or would we be left with the festive dregs – the mauled and damaged gifts; the gifts that had been handled by one hundred other shoppers, only to be put back on the shelf because they really weren’t that appealing?

No. There was still a great selection, and many items had been marked down ready for the post-Xmas sales. Shop assistants, who were no longer harried, were happy keep our kids in the dark by sneakily processing and double bagging items that had been given the wink and nod by us.

We were doing so well with our timing we even managed to include a photo session with Santa (no queue, thank you), free face painting and a nice bite to eat at a lovely Italian restaurant.

Hubby will happily say he knew it would all work out for the best, but I’m pretty sure he was breathing a big sigh of relief. How do I know this? He spent the entire evening helping me wrap all the presents with an uncharacteristic focus on neat cutting and paper folding!!

Benefit of leaving your Christmas shopping to the last minute:

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