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HELP! Which Baby Sleep Book Is For Me?

which baby sleep bookIs sleep not the most underrated resource we have? I have always said when friends complain of being tired, ‘you don’t know the definition of tired until you have a newborn who wakes you through the night.’ Sleep deprivation can make you do some crazy things and leave you feeling completely and utterly exhausted. If I’m speaking your language, then read on for a round up of which baby sleep book will suit your tiresome tots…

The No-Cry Sleep Solution
by Elizabeth Pantley

For parents who dread the thought of letting their baby ‘cry it out’, this book helps to discover the reasons that your baby may be waking through the night, work out your baby’s biological sleep rhythms and create a plan to help your baby to sleep through on his own. It also utilises the ‘Persistent Gentle Removal System’ for babies who use the breast, bottle or a dummy to settle back to sleep.

The Gift of Sleep
by Elizabeth Sloane

This e-book is a three night program designed not to give you back the gift of sleep, but to give your baby the gift of good, restful sleep. The book teaches you how to help baby self settle, as that is the technique they must use through the night when they wake in order to sleep right through the night. It helps parents to understand sleep patterns and what the potential hurdles are that need to be removed in order to promote a full night’s sleep. This book is for children over 6 months old and involves a lot of techniques including learning to read your child’s cries. This book promises to have your baby sleeping through the night after three nights.

Sleeping Like a Baby
by Pinky Mckay

Written by baby sleep consultant Pinky Mckay, this book teaches you to help your baby sleep naturally, without the use of ‘cry it out’ regimes. Pinky teaches you to  create a safe sleeping environment and aid sleep by using massage, music and gentle meditation (for toddlers). This is about stress-free, guilt-free parenting and making changes in a time frame that suits you and your baby.

Save Our Sleep
by Tizzie Hall

This book is a guide for new parents to help them start their baby off with a solid routine, specifically created to assist babies with sleeping and feeding. The author also shares tips on how to address other sleep related issues such as colic, reflux, daylight savings, travelling and moving house and how these things can effect a good night’s sleep. It also has routines specifically for breast fed and formula fed babies as well as twins and multiples. The premise of this book is that with a good routine and use of the correct settling techniques, your baby will eventually sleep through the night when he is ready.

Sleep Deprived No More
by Jodi Mindell

This book is all about you mum! It covers sleep loss for mums right from the first trimester of pregnancy through to post pregnancy and beyond. It is an all in one resource for tired mums full of tips on how to catch up on sleep and how to deal with common conditions during pregnancy such as restless leg syndrome and insomnia. It also includes expert advice on how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

Baby and Toddler Sleep Solutions for Dummies
by Arthur Lavin and Susan B. Glasser

This book covers everything from how to teach your baby to sleep through the night to helping toddlers with bedtime issues such as bed wetting or night terrors. It covers sleep patterns, identifying your child’s personality and how that can help with sleep issues and creating nurturing bed time routines to help babies and toddlers go to sleep comfortably.

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