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How long did your Miscarriage Symptoms last?

how long did your miscarriage symptoms last - mums share their experience and how long the cramping and bleeding lastedI found out two weeks ago that my early pregnancy wasn’t viable, and two days ago started heavily bleeding and badly cramping and going through my miscarriage. While the bleeding has slowed a lot, the cramping is still intense. I feel like I have been neglecting my two year old because I can barely make it off the couch. I am wondering how long it lasted for others who have been through a miscarriage? When will the pain settle?


  • Big hugs the pain and yukky ness are horrible. I totally recommend a d&c i found this best for my own piece of mind to know that everything was clear to move forward as heartbreaking as it was i then knew my body was going to recover to conceive again Cindy
  • Sounds like a missed misscarriage? Ive had four and i didn’t know baby had been gone. Still carried longest 8weeks after.. depends how dar along you are will depend how intense your pain will be and for how long. I had a D&C for mine although the first two i had i laboured for two days with intense contractions.I suggest if you are anemic to check yourself in for a D&C because you can loose quiet alot of blood and can be dangerous frown emoticon so sorry for your loss its a difficult thing you are going through. Look after yourself x Candice
  • My pain settled when i passed my baby. I was about 20 weeks (last time i had sex) along but bub had stopped growing at 16weeks (could tell from size and development). maybe see about getting a d&c. Then you wont feel useless. Your toddler will help you through this. Even if you lay on the ground and play with cars or colour in, your still spending quality time with your little one. Briana
  • Sorry to hear love… I was in hospital thank god but things turned terribly wrong when I started to heamorage and was emergency taken from one hospital to another. Hours went past in and out of cointiousness and waking up in resus before they took me in for a d n c. Baby would be 4. It’s the worst thing ever and I will not wish it on anyone… Teresa
  • My first mc I felt terrible for about a week, bad cramping and exhausted. The other 3 I had a d&c which reduced the after effects considerably (apart from first one where they didnt remove everything). Take panadol/nurofen for the cramping but if your concerned see your dr. Sarah

2 -3 days

  • My cramping went away after i passed out two huge clots..the cramping was apparently similar to contractions. It took 2 days but i was in the hospital being monitored by doctors eventho it was a natural miscarriage Nur
  • I think I “laboured” for 2 and a half days when i was 5 wks pregnant. The pain had me confined to bed and toilet. It will probably peak then end. I remember dealing with the worst of it then next thing I know it’s morning and no more pain. Grace
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I was in excruciating pain for 3 days with both of my miscarriages (4 weeks and 6 weeks). I hope the physical pain subsides soon. Hugs to you. Lana
  • 3 days mine went for Kirsten
  • I’ve had 3 first one massive pain for about 2-3 days, passed it naturally, second one had d&c just bad period pain, third d&c no pain, Dr advised if d&c gets everything there is no.pain but if a little bit is left behind u get pain, I guess it’s because it is actually labour and once the foetus is passed pain stops as with childbirth. So. Like all labours all miscarriages are different so sorry for your loss Leanne
  • My early miscarriage took a couple of days to pass completely… but the hormones had me really emotionally stuffed for months to the point that I had PND. I am sorry for your loss. Moana
  • I think I was in pain for around 3 days, I found once I passed big clots it stopped hurting. If it doesn’t ease up you need to go see your GP as you may need a D&C, I’m sorry you’re going through this, It’s so awful xx Kristel

less than a week

  • I’m sorry to hear this. I went through the same thing late last year with a 1 1/2 year old and 4 year old. The terrible pain lasted just under a week, and the bleeding a little longer. I couldn’t get out of bed for a few days so the three of us spent a lot of time watching movies together and colouring in on the bed. You need to spend the time to look after yourself, so if it means a few days of TV for the little one so be it. Big hugs to you xo Sami
  • So sorry. Been there 😯 it was maybe 5 days on and off. I did end up going to the ER for pain relief at 1 point as it got quite intense xx much love xx Lisa
  • Sorry for your loss, i had a natural miscarriage at 8 & a half weeks. I had to go to hospital because i was haemorrhaging and when i was there they did an ultrasound telling me there was only a small piece left to pass. I still had intense pain for a week and then passed “the baby”, it was a hard mass not like a blood clot or anything. I rang the local health line and the nurse advised me that the pain and bleeding will only stop once you have passed everything. Once i had passed the baby the bleeding and pain slowed right down and was gone in another 7 days. If you don’t think you have passed the baby yet maybe just go and see your gp and they can arrange an ultrasound to see what’s left. Samara


2 to 3 weeks

  • I’ve been threw this the pain for me wasn’t so bad I bleed more than I thought I would n once I finally stopped bleeding after 2/3wks. Stay strong I know it isn’t easy going threw something like this.. Lesleigh
  • About 2 weeks it took before I got any energy back. Before that I was exhausted and unwell.  Nikki


  • I am so sorry for your loss. I went through 4 miscarriages and it was different each time. One was painful for a few days and then two of them I was cramping for two weeks. Big hugs x Belinda

Check with doctor

  • I just finished bleeding. Started on sunday and passed the sac on tuesday. Im so sorry for your loss. If you’re still bleeding in a weeks time and still heavy go to the dr and get an ultrasound to make sure you’ve passed everything. Hope you feel better soon x Jasmin
  • Until the sac passes, pain is bad but the emotional toll is worse. If it hasn’t stopped in another day or two get checked as it could be a sign of infection. Had 6 and each one was different. Hugs mumma xo Kirsten
  • It is best to get checked by emergency or gp, just in case. But usually 48hrs of hardcore pain then it gradually dies. Light Cramps for up to a week after. I’ve had 7 miscarriages. Robyn
  • im sorry for your loss. if its been nearly 2 weeks and your still in pain i would go back to the doctors just in case. sometimes clots can form and they dont always come out. you can get an infection if this happens. hopefully this hasnt happened and your bodies just taking a little longer than others but its good to get checked just incase, i was roughly 4-5 weeks along and it lasted about 8 days, bad pain for the first 4 days. Alicia 
  • I have Had 3 natural losses Really Bad pain for about 2 days then heavy period type stuff going on for upto 3 weeks after , be kind to yourself , get an ultrasound and they will tell you how much you have left to pass x Danielle
  •  Also if you go for a referral for an ultrasound get your iron checked so your not run down afterwards you can take supplements in the mean time Danielle
  •  If it’s been a few days and bleeding has stopped I would see a dr just to be sure you have nothing left. Erin
  • Sorry to hear I would say to go to the hospital just to make sure Jacinta
  • Mine lasted about a week, but the intensity was about two days. Just checking has an ectopic been ruled out? It can often be more painful I think, would be better to check than leave it if it has not been. x Lauren
  • I would seek medical attention to ensure everything physical is ok. I feel for what you are going through being someone who has been through it too. You are not alone. Eunie
  • i would seek medical care after 48 hrs as your body may not be able to pass it all on its own ive had to have help with 2 now take care hun Wendy
  • I hope it eases up soon & you have a wonderful doctor. I had a miscarriage that lasted 8 weeks then finally was offered a d & c due to risk of infection. Take care of yourself and see if you can get medication to ease the pain, it is horrific. Sorry for your loss & I hope you get the support you need. Prayers to you & your family Lora
  • I have had 3 and all ended up in having a dnc I would Def go to the hospital. Sherry

Other experiences

  • For me, I was 8 weeks when baby passed and 10 weeks when I started miscarrying. The cramping eased when I finished passing the tissue (large clots etc.) sorry if that is TMI. My son was also 2 at the time, and I felt horrible and useless as I could barely move from the pain and I was grieving. He helped me through though, with lots of cuddles. Take something for the pain if you can, and rest as much as you can. Take time to grieve Alexia
  • my experience was quite different to these posts. My body naturally absorbed two pregnancies back to back and It just felt like normal period cramping and blood loss was slightly heavier then usual. Best wishes to you xx Tash


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