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How to Get Baby to Sleep Longer in a Pram

How to get baby to sleep longer in their pramHas anyone got any ideas how to get our 11 month old to nap for more than 30mins in his pram? We have tried continuously rocking it. He used to do a decent nap in there until recently and I am now having to come home for his naps otherwise he is tired.

  • Does he like a dark room? I found with my little one that once I got a sunshade/rain cover that could make the pram dark she slept well in it when younger. It has two layers. A mesh to block sunrays but allow bubs to see out and the rain cover which makes the pram dark. I think I got it from Big W. Cherie
  • If they wake after about the same amount of time each sleep, eg always wake after 40 minutes, go in and gently rock the pram after about 35 minutes to help them transition into their next sleep. Once it works, start to rock a little less and a little less until they are falling asleep without your help
  • Unfortunately some bubs just don’t like to sleep in their prams. I have to admit I’ve been gifted children that can sleep through anything and anywhere (#5 due any day and had better be the same lol)! Only thing I’ve always done is make sure they were always around noise from day 1 no tip toeing around while they slept in fact if there isn’t noise in the house they do not sleep as well! Alison
  • My son is the same. We use a baby carrier. I use Ring slings, woven wraps and a Boba and he’ll sleep for me no issues in any. Ring sling he is slightly fussier only because it’s much easier for him to look around and get distracted.
    I would recommen
    d a soft structured carrier like an ergo or kinder pack for a 11 month old. Angelrock baby (online and a store in ettalong) have the ‘angel packs’ on sale at the moment. Crystal
  • From 11 months onwards it’s very hard for them to nap in the pram. Just work your day around his 2-3 naps and keep it consistent. Sally
  • The older they get, the more aware and the less naps in a pram. Plus they get bigger so less room in the pram. Melissa
  • My little one was the same at that age. I would have to go home for naps as frustrating as it is. Mine now 15 months has one sleep at lunch time for 2.5 hours and I always have to come home to put her to bed. Most mums with similar age have same problems I’m finding… Renae


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