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Gain some serious sleep this summer with the ErgoPouch window blockout

‘I just love daylight savings so much!’

Said no parent of small children, ever.

As the days lengthen and we come into the warmer months, the arrival of daylight savings means longer evenings in the warm sunshine. Which is great; unless you have a baby, a toddler or other small children who need to be asleep by 7.30pm or they have their cranky pants on the next day!

The bedtime battle…

I’m sure other parents can appreciate the struggles of trying to get children to bed, when they boldly declare ‘but it’s still light out!’. An exhausting bedtime battle ensues and the end result is kids not going to sleep until 9pm; mum and dad being too tired to do anything once the kids are finally asleep and kids who are overtired from late nights. Let’s not forget that the international signal for children to wake in the morning is the rising of the sun. Which again, is very problematic during those mid-summer months, when it’s light out at 5am and your children decide that this is an ideal time to begin their day. For already exhausted parents, these early bird risings can be torturous and we begin to long for the days when the sun rises and sets at a more reasonable time!

Why we need blockout blinds:

ErgoPouch window blockoutIn an ideal world, we would all have great blockout blinds in our houses that do a fabulous job of keeping out the bright light. Maybe, like me, you had a set of blockout blinds installed in your nursery. I still remember the moment when my blinds were installed and I stood with my hand on my pregnant-with-twins bump and admired them. Perhaps though, like me, you had marauding toddlers who destroyed their bedroom once they were old enough to climb, and gradually the blinds were damaged enough that they became difficult to open and shut. Or perhaps you have venetians, which are woefully inadequate when it comes to fully blocking out light, and again are susceptible to damage by aforementioned climbing toddlers. Maybe you’re in a rental and you don’t have the option to change an existing, inadequate blind. It could be that visits to grandma and grandpa’s house result in poor nights of sleep because of that window that doesn’t have a blind, or curtains that don’t fully block out the morning sunshine. Or you could be traveling, and not know what kind of blind situation you are going to be dealing with at your destination.

Enter the window blockout from ErgoPouch Australia, the solution to your problems.

This handy product comes in 2 compact rolls in an easy to store box. It is made of an opaque material that effectively blocks light, is portable, reusable and non-toxic. The window blockout is white in colour, so it won’t make your child’s room look overly dark, yet it will achieve the desired light blockout effect. The window blockout is easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. The material has a textured, sparkle to give your child’s room a clean, fresh look.

The ErgoPouch window blockout also helps regulate the temperature, which is handy if you have a room that lets in heat. My house is older with a skillion roof at the back, where the nursery is located, and that room that gets hotter than the rest of the house in summer. The window blockout helps reduce the light and the heat that comes in, which is particularly beneficial during day naps, when the room can heat up a lot.

How to use your ErgoPouch window blockout:

cutting your ErgoPouch window blockout blindThe first time you use them, you will need to set aside around 20 minutes to measure your window that you want to cover and cut them out. You will need a measuring tape, a pair of scissors and a pencil for this. Once cut to size, simply spray the window with a misting of water, this helps the static blinds to adhere to the glass. Remove the backing and stick the blinds on the window and you’re done! Instant darkness for an easier time to get your child to sleep! In the morning, simply remove the film from the window and fold to store. Being held on by static means no messy residue on your windows.

Personalise how you use them…

Peeling back your ErgoPouch window blockoutAs my nursery blinds now have broken cords, opening and closing them has become a bit of a bother, so I have used the ErgoPouch window blockout as an alternative to a traditional blind. I leave my original blind open and have the ErgoPouch window blockout on at night, then remove them in the morning and store in the wardrobe. Storage is easy as they can be rolled up or folded and stored anywhere you choose due to how compact it is. I keep the second roll of ErgoPouch window blockout in my car to use as needed when we are staying the night elsewhere, in case I need to darken the room we are staying in. Now the weather is warming up we are travelling more, so this has come in handy.

So if you’re wanting more hours of guaranteed darkness to keep your child sleeping peacefully, try the window blockout from ErgoPouch and gain back your quiet evening hours and morning sleep again!

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