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When to introduce Eggs and Nuts

Just wondering when to introduce eggs & peanut butter to my daughter. She is 5 months old & is having solids 3 x a day. And when I do introduce them what’s the best way to go about doing it? I think il be a nervous wreck waiting for an allergic reaction. She’s never had a reaction to any foods iv given her so far. Love to hear everyone’s suggestions? Thanks

  •  Royal children’s hosp recommends that u start introducing egg from 4 months. I can’t remember if it’s the white part or the yolk (I’m sure google will help) but they said to me to rub some of the egg on their lower lip every 2nd day for roughly a week then give them some on the tip of their tongue for the same time. Then do the same with the other part of the egg. They said to me cause so many parents (like me) r holding off introducing egg that the allergy rate is increasing! Good luck.   Sounah
  •  Our CHN recommended putting a little dab of egg white on the oursside of their cheek and if it comes up red then you know they are allergic to it. Then a few days later do the same with egg yolk.   Jodie
  •  I was told to dab a little peanut butter near their mouth to begin with, next day a little closer and next time if no reactions just give them a little. Egg I was told to try them on the yolk to begin with as the whites is where they get a reaction.   Catie
  •  I wouldn’t be introducing peanut butter until 12 months of age when their immune system is more stronger. With egg you can introduce it at 6 months, just make sure egg is fully cooked. Raelene
  •  My ECN recommends to dip some bread in only the yolk then fry the bread off to cook the egg. I haven’t introduced yet but I thought that was a great way to do it.   Julie
  •  My dr directed me to Westmead Children’s Hospital’s website which has a lot of info on food and allergies. If you’re really worried about allergic reactions get some children’s claratyne to have on hand ‘just in case’. If you or hubby has allergic reactions to any if these they can be held off and introduced after 12 months.   Sandi
  •  6 we introduced all these as early as possible by 4-5 months with both out prem babies.   Jade
  •  Everything except honey is ‘safe’ before 12mths. Just give some scrambled egg for breakfast or peanut butter on toast and just watch for reactions. Don’t introduce any other new foods for about 3-4 days.   Ruby
  • A family member of mine is a practicing registered dietitian, doing her phd & a mum to 2 boys 4&1 yrs. She recommended this for me to read before introducing solids to my son who is 15 wks. U should read this it’ll answer all your questions. https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/sites/default/files/images/literature-review-infant-feeding-guidelines.pdf Also try to to stress if no family history of allergies & none for bub so far, it would be unlikely. Id scramble the eggs & cook them well too & Peanut butter in smooth is ok. Do it in morning on a weekday so you can keep an eye on bub:-)   Briony
  •  Round 8ish months. One at a time. Wipe a tiny bit on the lip and wait 15-20 min. Wipe it on the tongue wait 15-20 min then a tiny bit on a spoon and so on. Ask your midwife tho they usually have good advice. Also have a plan of action organised in your mind/ emergency numbers in your phone before you start. best be prepared. Alice
  •  My bub is 8 months n he’s had everything n no allergy. He tried it all by 6 months If you’re worried introduce in the day so easier to react if there’s an allergy I found giving peanut butter on toast or crumpets worked Egg is in lots of other products but scrambled is prob easiest way n it’s fun for them to feed themselves. Tam
  •  Eggs can come any time after 6 months now, before was recommended 12 months, but egg allergies are apparently less likely to occur if introduced gradually. It also used to be yolks only first, as it is the whites they can be allergic to, but the general consensus is to do both early to try to avoid allergies. That is unless u have a family history of serious allergies, then it’s recommended to do it under medical supervision.   Kahlia
  •  I waited till after 1yr to give egg, i boiled it and gave just the white part n then after a couple days tried the yolk and my kids haven’t had peanuts as I’m allergic.   Jasmine
  •  I was told at my dd 6mth check that she could start to eat anything but honey! Kelly
  •  You are best to wait until 12 months for peanut butter, fully cooked egg though as soon as more than just purees or in egg custard etc.   Rosalie
  •  Introduced both at around 8 months? Scrambled eggs with a bit of ham, cut into fingers and peanut butter on toast. No reaction.   Jessica
  •  At 6 months. If a severe reaction is going to happen it generally happens within the first 30 minutes.   Stef
  •  With peanut butter we started with us having it and touching bub n then kissing his cheek n then his lips n then finally he had it on toast. With egg I just gave him whites and then yolk later. (Started peanut butter introduction at 6ish months same with egg whites, yolk at 8ish months. Was on solids from 4.5months)   Angie
  •  My nurse said at my 8mth visit to try them. So did one for a week then the other. Fine with both egg and peanut butter.   Kelly
  •  Do it early in the day, so you have all day to watch for reactions, from memory I gave my kids now almost 4 and 3 egg and peanut butter from around 7 months… Some people say the earlier the better then some say the later the better… But if there is history of allergies to egg and nuts they say to wait…   Sheree

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