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Kid Friendly Restaurants Gold Coast, Queensland

Kid Friendly Restaurants Gold Coast, QueenslandDining out with children can be difficult, but these 6 family friendly (and healthy) dining options on the Gold Coast have you covered.


What, Where, When:  BSKT is a health-food cafe located in the beautiful Nobby’s Beach area of the Gold Coast.  Serving 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Thursday, 10:00pm Friday/Saturday and 4:00pm Sunday.
What’s in it for the adults: Delicious coffee, smoothies and juices, a healthy selection of perfectly crafted food, and a view of the Ocean.  Casual-cool cafe dining.
What’s in it for the kids:  BSKT have an abundance of highchairs available, so you don’t need to balance your hungry baby/toddler on your knee while waiting for a chair to be free.  They also have, wait for it, a gated and large play area for children at the back of the cafe.  Enough toys to share and a view of the play area from the tables at the back. The kiddies can then recharge with a baby chino or delicious and healthy banana smoothie.
Hot tip: When possible, book in advance and ask for a seat with a view of the play area.  BSKT is a hugely popular cafe so it fills up quickly.

Dusk 2 Dawn Cafe

What, Where, When: Dusk 2 Dawn Cafe is a small cafe located at Homeworld Helensvale.  Serving from 7:00am to 4:30pm daily.
What’s in it for the adults: A friendly and non-judgemental cafe.  Comfortable chairs for breastfeeding if and when required, and plenty of tables both inside and out.  Conveniently located within the same shopping centre as Chemist Warehouse, Trade Secret, Bubs Baby Shop, and a number of homeware stores.
What’s in it for the kids:  Another cafe with plenty of highchairs.  The kids menu is perfect, with everyday options that you know your children will eat.  Conveniently located within the same shopping area as Boomerangs soft play centre, so pack socks for a fun play after dining.
Hot tip: Negotiation is key.  A cafe situated next to Toy World and close to Boomerangs soft play centre, while handy, can become a parent’s worst nightmare.  Avoid tantrums by negotiating and clearly outlining the plan.

Southport Sharks Club

What, Where, When: Southport Sharks Club is a family friendly sports club, located in Southport, Gold Coast.  Serving from 8:30am to late.
What’s in it for the adults: A huge food selection, great hours, relaxed dining, and entertainment.  A great place for a casual family or friend get-together.
What’s in it for the kids: The home of Wobbygongs Kids Fun Zone (3-12 years).  A great place for a larger family gathering, and a large enough food choice to keep everyone happy.
Hot tip: Sign up as a member (less than $10 per adult) for discounts and entry.  Membership is valid for one year from date of purchase and renewable after that.

Robina Town Centre – Grill’d 

What, Where, When: Located on The Promenade of Robina Town Centre, Grill’d is a healthy ‘fast-food’ option.  Serving from 11:00am to 10:00pm daily.
What’s in it for the adults: Good, quick and healthy food in a super convenient location. A perfect stop after a morning shop or before heading home for the day.
What’s in it for the kids: Delicious but healthy burgers, with minimal wait!  Located right next to a playground so the kids can enjoy a play before heading home or into the shops.
Hot tip: Plan an outing.  The promenade, Robina Town Centre, is a great source of family-fun, with the cinema, bowling, and a gated playground.  Finish your outing with a delicious hot chocolate from Max Brenner

Sushi Train

What, Where, When: Sushi Train is a family favourite.  Quick and mostly-healthy food for the whole family.  Located throughout the Gold Coast, with a Sushi Train in almost every suburb.  Serving hours vary from store to store (check the website for more information).
What’s in it for the adults: Quick food in a super relaxed environment.  Pop in on the way home from work or after-school activities and enjoy.
What’s in it for the kids:  The relaxed and friendly atmosphere is great for kids.  There are now ‘bento-box’ meals available for children in most stores, and most kids love watching the train go by.
Hot tip: You’ll want to sit between your children and the train.  Trust me.

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