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This Mum’s Kmart Birthday Party Was The Event of the Year!

When Shannon’s daughter Charli turned 13, she had no idea how to help her celebrate.  What kind of party do you throw for a 13 year old girl who just LOVES to shop with her friends?  So, Shannon decided to create the ultimate soiree for the suburban teen… a shopping party.   And so, the first ever Kmart Birthday Party was born!

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Kmart Birthday Party Challenge

Kmart Birthday Party Challenge - the clues

The Kmart Birthday Party

Charli rounded up her besties and hit the local Kmart armed with a “Kmart Bargain Hunting Challenge”.  The girls had to find something they’d totally love that was a total bargain.  The girls spent time perusing their favourite stationery, clothes, media and books and came away with a goody bag for themselves, chosen by themselves.  A quick stop at the local food court and Charli’s 13th birthday party was officially the lowest fuss party (on budget too!) ever organised.

Birthday shopping at Kmart

The verdict?

The girls LOVED IT.  It was the best day out, doing the things they loved with their besties.  It’s so hard to find ways to engage with older kids in ways that they want… not what you want!  Shannon’s Kmart Birthday Party idea might have been a bit unorthodox but she helped Charli celebrate doing the thing she loves most with the friends she loves most… what better way to celebrate a birthday?

13th birthday party ideas - Kmart Birthday Party Challenge


Thanks to mum Shannon for granting us permission to share her story found via the Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia.  This is NOT a sponsored post, merely a cool idea for a 13th birthday party by a local mum!

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