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Kmart Requests Return of Sold Out Toy Over Safety Fears

kmart climbing ladder recall

Kmart climbing ladder recall: The store has today pulled a popular new release toy from it’s shelves due to safety concerns.

The retailer has confirmed that the Wooden Climbing Ladder, which has actually been sold out for weeks, has been flagged as unsuitable and potentially dangerous.

The announcement comes after several parents have reported incidents to the retailer where rungs or steps of the ladder have snapped under the weight of their child.

kmart climbing ladder recall

Kmart climbing ladder recall – a precautionary measure

“At Kmart, we’re committed to the quality and safety of all of our products, which is why we made the decision to temporarily withdraw our Wooden Climbing Ladder from show, following a small number of customer complaints,” the spokesperson said.

“We believe these are isolated incidents, but have withdrawn the product as a precautionary measure while we investigate.

“This is not a product recall – but we ask customers with any concerns, to please contact the Kmart customer service team on 1800 124 125.”

Parents discuss concerns over Kmart climbing ladder

Parents in multiple Kmart groups discussed the issue today with many noting their climbing ladder had already warped or bent from the weight of children much less than the packaging specified the product to be safe for.

The product has also been removed from the Kmart website.

If you own a Kmart climbing ladder you are encouraged to return it to the store for full refund. (Or, why not get an exchange for this awesome Kmart hidden wine carrying handbag?)

This story was first published: Seven.


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