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large nappy bag reviewsI have a newborn and a 16 month old babies and with everything I pack when I go out I find that my normal nappy bag isn’t quite big enough in always carrying an extra little bag, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good large size nappy bag.

  • I have a Kate hill nappy bag. I can fit so much. For my 9 month old and also extra things for my 3 year old. Was $100 but worth the room and space Natalie
  • I have a 1 month old and 15month old. I have a bag that stays in the car with heaps of nappies for both, wipes, change of clothes, blankets, bibs and all that sorta stuff then that way I can still use my normal nappy bag but only have 2 nappies for each, wipes, snacks, bottles etc. works well for me Larissa
  • I have a Mimco one, and it’s great. Really big, lots of compartments and comes with a change mat. Kristy
  • Oioi buffalo bag. Just love it. Can cram for days. It’s great bc it’s a box shape. It doesn’t come up to a point (which I find limits space). Carmel
  • I use a kids back pack. I’ve got 18 mo twins and a 3 yo. It’s heaps easier. Especially if you get one with the drink bottle pockets on both sides and a big front pocket to put your wallet and keys and phone in. I usually hang it on the pram. If we aren’t going to be out long I usually have spare nappies and wipes in the car and don’t bother with the bag. Kristel
  • I just use whatever cute tote I like at the time Emelye
  • Just buy a backpack – easier than phaffing about with a nappy bag. Kyra
  • I used backpacks with my 3rd and 4th bubs. Much easier! Nicole
  • Nova Harley nappy bags are awesome. I have a boho (black) and just about to get a Manhattan in yellow as I wanted something bright looks like a handbag on outside but has 13 pockets inside, insulated space for bottle. Has three straps – one to hook it onto pram, one shoulder, one normal http://www.bubsandbeans.com.au/products/436/Bags/Nappy-Bags/ Sarah
  • Mimco. It’s huge but doesn’t look ridiculous stylish and guys everything and more! Michelle
  • JuJuBe nappy bags are great! Bianca
  • Love my Kate Hill nappy bag. Big, heaps of pockets, change mat and stylish! Tanya
  • Colette hayman do great sized nappy bags and they are not expensive. Love them!! Alesha
  • I spent money on a JuJu Be nappy bag. I got the Be Prepared and it fits a lot. I have a 3.5 year old and an 8 month old. Well worth the $$ Karina
  • I have finally given up and we now use a backpack with lots of pockets. Eve
  • I’ve got a baby gear nappy bag it’s like the size of a gym bag. Great for when I take both kids away. Emily
  • We use this one. I have a 4 year old and 18 month old and it fits everything I need. https://littlemdesigns.com.au/product-category/accessories-toys/nappy-bags/nappy-bags-nappy-bags/?hc_location=ufi Melanie
  • I use one of the country road overnight bags as my nappy bag and its the perfect size for 2 kids Hayley
  • Backpacks Stephanie
  • I bought a billabong overnight bag. It was bigger than all the nappy bags that I looked at (I may have a tendency to overpack) Melissa

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