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Medication Tips: Iron Tablets

Expert tips by Tanya (pharmacist)

If you have low iron, your Doctor may recommend taking iron tablets. These are some of the things you need to be aware of before you start taking them:

DISCLAIMER: This information is general in nature, always speak to your Pharmacist when buying new medications and discuss any concerns with them or your Doctor.

* May make you feel nauseated and can be taken with food

* Split the dose over the day to reduce the nausea

* If constipation is an issue take ferrous fumerate (Ferro-F)

* Take with vitamin C to increase absorption eg some lemon, orange

* If you need iron replacement a multivitamin is not adequate, take a separate iron replacement

Only take iron on doctor’s advice after having a blood test to confirm deficiency



Tanya is the mother of 3 little girls and is a qualified pharmacist with over 14 years hospital pharmacy experience. To see all Tanya’s articles, click here.

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