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Messy Party

by Tanya

For my daughter’s 6th birthday theme we decided on a messy party. The kids and I had so much fun, with many children walking away saying it was the best party ever. Such a compliment to hear. We will definitely think about doing it again for my younger children.

There was a bit of work organising a messy party but it was all worth it and believe it or not clean up at the end was quite easy.

We mostly biodegradable products that washed away easily after the games. We had our messy party at the school hall and took a hose for tidy up. The weather was mild so we played twister last so the kids could change clothes, get clean and warm up once they were done. On a warmer day you could hose the kids down at the end.

Messy Party Games

Find the lollies in whipped cream

You Need:
1. whipped cream

2. Lollies

3. Plastic plates

To Set Up:

1. Place lollies on a plate

2. Cover with a small amount of whipped cream – spread out to ensure lollies covered

3. Line children up and get them to put hands behind their backs. Have children race to find their lollies (and eat them) first. Winner gets a big high 5 – no need for prizes.

Messy Party 6

Messy Party 7

Shaving cream hats

You Need:

1. Shower caps

2. Shaving cream

3. Cheerios


To Set Up:

1. Have children place shower caps on their heads and cover with shaving cream.

2. Give their team mate some decorations to throw at their partners head for decoration.  We used cheerios (homebrand).

3. Let kids have a shaving cream fight. I ran around with the shaving cream can to make sure everyone was getting dirty.

This game got quite messy and silly and we had lots of fun. There were lots of giggles and laughter!

* Make sure people realise this is shaving cream and NOT edible.

Messy Party 8

Messy Party 10

Messy Twister:

You Need:
1. Bottles (milk containers work well) of slime coloured yellow, blue and green.

2. Containers of tomato sauce (buy large bottles when on sale).

Slime recipe here


To Set Up:

Place the appropriate colour sauce or slime on each coloured space and have children play. If they arent getting messy enough dont forget to include moves like put bottom on red. Once they get started they will get into it.

Messy Party 3

Messy Party 1



You Need:

Slime recipe

Tubs that kids can stand in

Small waterproof toys

To Set Up:

Fill tub with slime and toys

Have children try to get toys out with their feet.

Slime recipe is available here

Messy Party 4

Messy Party Food

Pinata Cakes

1. White chocolate with yellow and blue colouring

2. Milk chocolate, decorated with freckles.

Underneath the chocolate shell is a cake with some lollies on top.
Messy Party 11

Messy Party 9

Messy Party 5


3. Smash with a toy hammer. And ENJOY!

Messy Party 12

Messy Party 2

Party Bags

Bags contained
* Paint your own plaster moulds (I bought a multipack and broke it up)
* Bubbles
* Party Blower
* 2 individually packed lollies

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