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Slime Recipe For Kids

slime recipe for kidsSlime Recipe For Kids

by Tanya

Slime is an awesome sensory product and will give your kids hours of enjoyment, using this easy slime recipe you can make your own in minutes. We used a large batch of it as part of our daughters 6th birthday messy party but its also fun to play with in a tub at home.  Add some plastic toys or even use kitchen utensils like measuring cups, funnels etc.

You can divide the batch and add several different food colourings or have no colour at all. The options for playing with slime are only limited by your imagination.

If you avoid adding food colour you can use the slime in your washing once the kids are finished. Recycling at its best!

slimeYou Need:

* 1 Cup Soap Flakes eg Luxe flakes

* 3 Cups of Boiling Water

* Food Colouring. Gel colour works best for a bolder colour.

To Do:

Mix together the soap flakes, food colouring and water.  Whisk mixture for best effect. You can play with it immediately it cools but if you leave overnight it becomes slimy and oozy.

Once it sets you can thin it out with a bit of water if you want it runnier.

green slimeNote this will expand a bit so use a larger container than the amount of slime you make.


Place a towel under the slime when you kids play with it. Once finished pop the towel straight in the wash, you don’t need to add any detergent.

Add plastic toys, cups, anything that’s easy to wash.

Slime lasts for ages so if you keep it clean you can safely store it for another play. We played with ours for 2 weeks on several different occasions.

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