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The Baby Hints and Tips community share information on milestones and when their child reached various stages.  If you are at all concerned your child is not reaching milestones, talk to your doctor or maternal heatlh nurse.

what age did your child meet milestones

What age did your child:
Roll (back to front)
Roll (front to back)
Get their first tooth
Regularly sleep through

  • Bubs first slept through at 6-7wks. Jess
  • Crawled at 7months, walked at 11months, got first tooth at 5months, sleep through at 3 months. Annie
  • My twin girls slept through at 4 months and my 3rd child at 6 weeks! Phil
  • Roll front to back 8 & a bit weeks, roll back to front 5months, sleep through at 5months, Still waiting on the rest. Rebecca
  • DS1: roll (b-2-f) about 4 months, roll (f-2-b) about 10 weeks, crawl 6 months walk 9 months unassisted, first tooth 5 months, regularly slept through 9wks (lucky me!!). DS2: roll (b-2-f) almost 5 months, roll (f-2-b) 12 weeks, crawl 7months, walk 11 months (started at 9.5 months, but stopped after 2 days lol), regularly slept through 5.5 months, ummm, well he’s 16mths now and it’s only started to get regular in the past month or so. Sharon
  • Roll ( back to front) 2 months, Roll (front to back) 6 weeks, crawl 6 months, walk 11 months, First tooth 4 months, Slept through 6 weeks. CeCe
  • Still hasn’t rolled. Not crawling either. Will walk if hands are held (started at 7.5 months). First two bottom teeth popped out together at 7 months. Slept through from about 2 months. Caroline
  • Crawl 7 months, walk 13 months, slept through – 15 months! Nicole
  • My bubs slept through from about 6 weeks (ff), rolled front to back 12 weeks. Kellie
  • Rolled both ways at 3.5 months, slept through from 5 weeks, crawled at 9 months but rolled to get around from 6months, back tooth came first at 4 months, still no other teeth and she is nearly 10 months. Lauren
  • Rolled back to front at 10 months, crawled at 11.5 months, walked at 19 months, slept through (12-14hrs) from 5 months, first tooth at 8 months. Late bloomer, but all is perfect! Larisa
  • Rolled both ways at 15 weeks (then didn’t do either again for another month), first tooth at 8 months, crawled at 8.5 months (like worm at first), walked at 12. 5 months, have only slept through without feed a handful times and now 13 months. Katie
  • My daughter has been sleeping through every night since 9 weeks old. She is 4 months now and rolled from her tummy to her back for the first time the other day! Was very exciting 🙂 Jessica
  • Roll (back to front) 4 months, roll (front to back) 2 months, crawl 8 months, first tooth 6 months (2 at once), not walking yet, regularly sleep through = never 🙂 Elle
  • Rolled back to front at 3 months, slept right through from 3 weeks and a weeks off 5 months now has his bottom 2 teeth poking through! Helen
  • Baby #1: first tooth, both bottom teeth @ 6 1/2 months exact, crawl @ 8 months, walked @ 13 months, slept through @ 12 weeks . Baby #2 is 10 wks old, so has only just rolled front to back 🙂 Leigh
  • Roll 3 months, crawl 8 months, walk 15 months, first tooth 11 months, regularly sleep through 8 months. Nicole
  • Crawl 5.5 months, walk 8.5 months, first tooth – 8 months, seep through – still doesn’t at 27 months. Felicity
  • My daughter roll (back to front) at 4 months, roll (front to back) at 3 months, crawl at 6 months, walk at 10 months, first tooth at 8 months, regularly sleep through at 4 weeks. She’s always been super easy 🙂 Bianca
  • Roll at 4 months , crawl at 10 months, walk at 14 months , first tooth at 8 months, regularly sleep through at 3 months. Gem
  • Rolled front to back at 4 months, rolled back to front at 6 months, crawled at 8.5 months, first tooth at 9 months, slept through at 5 weeks. Brooke
  • My lazy DS, roll back to front: 5 months, roll front to back: 5 months, crawl: 10.5 months, walk: still waiting, first tooth: 10 months, regularly slept thru: 3.5 weeks. Cindy-Lee
  • Roll at 4 months, Crawl at 4.5 months, walk at 9 months, tooth at 9 months, from the day she was born she has slept 10-12 hours a night. Ashley
  • Rolled back to front at 3months, rolled front to back at 11 days old, crawled at 8 months, walked at 13 months, first tooth at 11 weeks old, second came through 5 days later, regularly slept through- 2 weeks old was sleeping 9pm-5am, then 7pm-7am til 12 months, now 7pm-9am 😀 great little sleeper! Nae
  • Roll at 4 months, crawl at 6 months, walk at 8 months, tooth at 6 months. Stacey
  • Rolled front to back 11 weeks, rolled back to front 5 months, first tooth 5 months. Rachael
  • Rolled: 4months, crawled: 7months, walk: not yet, first tooth: 6 months, slept through: 4.5 weeks. Chell
  • Rolled (back to front) at 4 weeks, rolled (front to back) at 3 months, crawled at 6 months, walked at 11 months, first tooth at 14.5 months, slept through at 12 weeks (9pm-8am). Shannon
  • Rolled front to back 8 weeks, rolled back to front 4 months, crawl: nearly there now, tooth: bottom two together at 4 months, sleep: never lol. Stephanie
  • Rolled back to front at 2 months, front to back at 3 months, crawled at 7 months, walked at 10 months, first tooth at 8 months, slept through from 6 weeks. Amanda
  • Crawled at 9 months, walked at 10 months, slept through pretty much straight away (I was lucky), first tooth at 13 months. Meg
  • Roll back to front 3 months, roll front to back 4 months , crawl 6 months, walk almost 10 months, tooth 6 months, sleep still not at 16 months! Kristy
  • Back to front at 5 months, front to back at 3 months, commando crawl 6 months, proper crawl 8 months, pull to standing 9 months, first tooth 9 months, sleep through the night at 6 weeks. Sarah
  • Crawled about 11 months, hasn’t walked yet (he’s 13 months), first tooth about 5.5 months. Inga
  • Crawled at 5 months, first tooth at 6 months, walked at 10 months, slept through at 10 months. Meagan
  • Rolled 3 months, crawled 5 months, first tooth 4 months, pulled self up to standing at 6 months and almost fully confidently walking distance at 12.5 months, didn’t sleep through though until 11.5mo. Sarah
  • Roll back to front at 3 months, front to back at 2 months, crawl at 6 months, starting to walk at 8 months! Now 9 months and 6 days and not sleeping through hehe he is very advanced for his age though. Anthony
  • Roll f 2 b at 4months, b 2 f at 5months, commando crawl at 5.5 months, crawl on all fours-7.5months, first tooth -5months, walk-12months. Meg
  • Roll back to belly : 2 month, belly to back: 4 months, crawled: 7 months, walked: 11 months, first tooth: 2 @ 6 months, slept through @ 6 weeks. Tia
  • My son, Roll back to front at 2 months, front to back at 5 months, crawled at 8 months, walked at 11.5 months, first tooth at 7months, slept through at 9weeks but didnt last from 10 months, sleeps 12 hrs every night (now nearly 2). Brooke
  • Never crawled, walk at 9 months, get their first tooth at 12 months (2 days before her first birthday then it was 12 teeth in 12 weeks), regularly sleep through from 12 months…..maybe older. Was still doing a 3am breastfeed till 12 months. Zoey
  • My son slept through the night by 6 weeks, rolled at 5 months (sat up way before then), crawled at 9 months, not walking yet, first tooth 6 weeks old…now how’s 8 (he’s 9.5 months old). Natasha
  • Roll back to front) 4 months, (front to back) 2 months, army crawl 7 months normal crawl 8.5 months, first tooth 4 months, not walking yet, slept through from 3 months. Liana
  • Roll 4 months, crawl 6 months, sat 8 months, walked 14.5 months, first tooth 6.5 months, still waiting for sleep through at 15 months! Kelly
  • My bub is 11 weeks and has slept through since the day she was born, smiled at 4 weeks, laughed at 10 weeks and so far that’s all. Kirstie
  • DS slept through from 3 weeks and DD from 15 months. Nat
  • My babe is only 11 weeks but she started rolling front to back 3 weeks ago. Let the games begin! 😉 Roz
  • Rolled both ways at 3 months, crawled at 5 months, walked well at 7 months. First tooth 5 months and sleep 2 years. Helen
  • My first son (19mnths old): back to front at 9 months, front to back at 6 months, crawl at 9 months, walk at 14 months unaided, first tooth at 8 months. slept through regularly at 16 months. My second son (almost 7 mpnths)-
    back to front at 4.5 months, front to back at 10 weeks, backwards crawling + rocking on all fours 6 months, not yet crawling, no teeth yet, slept through regularly at 3.5 months old. Terianne
  • DD: Roll (back to front) – 7 months, roll (front to back) – 4 months, crawl – 8 months, walk – 13 months, get their first tooth – 10 months, regularly sleep through – 3 years. DS: Roll (back to front) – 8 months, roll (front to back) – 8 months, crawl – 10 months, walk – 15 months, get their first tooth – 11 months, regularly sleep through – he doesn’t yet @ 22 months. Shona
  • Roll at 4 months, crawl at 6.5 months, walk at 9 months, first tooth at 6 months, sleep through at 8 months. Amanda
  • Roll at 4 months, sit at 5 months, crawl at 8 months, teeth at 2 bottom at 8 months, walk at 17 months, sleep through at 3 months. Bec
  • Roll 3 months both ways, sit up 5 months, cut first tooth 5 months , Slept thru from 3 weeks old – and the rest till waiting to see she is only 5 months 🙂 Chloe
  • My boy is 2 months prem so abit slower from front to back rolling he did at 4 months, he did back to front earlier at about 8 weeks, sit unassisted 8 months old, starting to crawl now at 9 months old. No teeth and hasn’t slept through yet either. Danielle
  • Roll – back to front – 11wks front to back – a week or two later. Crawl – straight to crawling properly at 7 months, First tooth – 7months. Regularly sleep thru 7 to 7- from 4 weeks old. Walk – almost 10 months not walking yet alone but yes on furniture and anything that moves done this from 8 months old. Nicole
  • Sleep through (12 midnight – 6:30 am) at 5 days, rolling 3-4 months, army crawl 5 months, crawl 6 months, teeth 7.5 months (2 in a week), walking holding both hands, 7 months, walking along furniture 8 months, walking holding one hand, 9 months. He’s taken a couple of steps on his own, but not many. Should be a bit more stable by ten months. He doesn’t use the hand for balance, just confidence. Angela
  • Roll back to front: 4 months. Roll front to back: about 2 days after he rolled back to front. Army Crawl: 8 months. Crawl: 11.5 months (he’s a bit lazy haha). Walk: holding furniture 10 months, holding hands 10.5 months, he’s 12 months and walks with walker but not on his own yet, he’s not confident yet. First Tooth: 6 months. Slept Through: he slept 10pm-5am from 1.5 months and he slept 6-6 from about 3.5 months. Stacey
  • Roll at 3.5 months, crawling at 7 months , walking at 11 months, first tooth at 5 months. Still waiting for DD to sleep though and she’s now 13 months. Annalisa

Should I be worried that my 6 month old is not sitting by himself yet?

  • I wouldn’t be.. My dd now 3, sat by herself at 6.5mths.. My DS now 7mths is still not. He does for a minute or two but pushes himself back just wants to stand all the time.. Just keep trying each day. They will get there. Good luck 🙂 Katherine
  • My girl didn’t til she was 8 months, they all do things different. Nat
  • No. All babies develop at different rates. Your baby may be doing other things that some babies are doing at six months and vice versa. He will sit up eventually. Kylee
  • I wouldn’t worry my daughter was around 6 months when she started sitting. And then she crawled at 7 and was walking by 10. Every baby is different. Tam
  • My son sat unassisted at around 7 months, possibly 8. He crawled at 10 months (though army crawled at 5 months) and walked at 16 months. He’s 20 months now 🙂 Antoinette
  • Every baby is different. my daughter sat by 5 and crawled by 7 months and walked by a year old but a friends baby only started crawling a week before their first birthday. just goes to show the different times that they all develop. i wouldnt worry. he will do it when hes ready and strong enough to hold his weight up 🙂 Jessica
  • No, my son only started sitting up at 7 & half months, only rolled at 6 & half months is almost 9 months and isnt interested in crawling at all. He likes to stand but doesn’t pull himself up on furniture. He’s obviously just quite content with just doing sitting for the moment. They all do it in their own time try not to worry (easier said then done I know) 🙂 Lorenna
  • Mine was almost 1 before he could sit. Ashley
  • No don’t worry too much my son didn’t sit until he was 10 mnths & shortly after he crawled 🙂 Gem
  • My daughter was sitting and rolling at 6 months but my son could roll at 3 months but took till about 7ish months to sit he was a big boy and had a big head lol. Melissa

When did your baby start to crawl?
  • My daughter was commando crawling at 4 months and by 6 months she started proper crawl. Im hoping this next one doesn’t start so early. 🙂 Kyleigh
  • My first started at 5 months, my second at 8.5 months and my third at 7 months. Phoebe
  • My first was at 10 months, my second after 11. Every bub is different 🙂 Sarah
  • My bub was 9 months, is 13 months now and not walking yet but am not worried he will get there in his own time 🙂 Danielle
  • Emily started crawling at six months and walking at 9 months but she was very quick… sad as she wasnt a baby for long enough . Laynie
  • Just before 7 months. Amanda
  • My ds started crawling quickly at 8months, still not walking at 11months. Brooke
  • My eldest was pushing himself round on his back at 3mnths commando at 6mnths and proper crawl at 7mnths. Every baby different thou. Amanda
  • My son started commando crawling between 8 – 9 months and hands and knees crawling about 3 months later. Cheeky Feet
  • My 1st commando crawled at 8 months, on all 4’s at 9 months. my 2nd just got up n crawled on all 4’s straight away at 6 months. 🙂 oh n crawling isnt actually a milestone, being able to get to something outta reach is tho. Normal range for walking is 7 – 17 months 🙂 my 1st was 12 months n my 2nd 9 months, way to early for my likeing 🙂 Kylie
  • 7.5 months and walking at 12 🙂 Emma
  • He crawled properly at around nine months (but army crawled at 7), and walked at 16 months. Antoinette
  • My daughter starte pulling herself up to stand at 7mths and started cruising around everything at 8mths. She then just started crawling one night about 3 days prior to being 9mths! She has just hit 10mths and has recently taken a few steps by herself 🙂 Shannon
  • Haz was army crawling at 7 months and on fours at 8 months and 3 weeks old. 🙂 seems so long ago now. Kelly
  • My 8 month old has been a bit slow with her milestones, she started rolling at 5 months, still not sitting up properly. She can with minimal support, but remove that support and she falls flat. Not crawling yet, but attempting to. No teeth. She has smiled though from an early age. Jane
  • Phae
  • Sitting 10 weeks, rolling 5 months, getting herself to sitting 5 months, standing by herself 6 months, crawling 7 months, walking ten monthsKat
  • #1 boy rolled at 4months, full crawling at 6 months, and starting running at 12 months, still doesn’t sleep threw Jen
  • My bubba girl rolled at 2 months sitting up by 3 months crawing by 5 months and walking by 9 months laughing at 2 months.Tina
  • Both my boys rolled at about 5 weeks, sat up at 3 months, crawled at 4.5 months, cruised at 5.5 months and were full on walking by 9 months.Shaye
  • Liv
  • My little man rolled over for the first time last week 4 months+3weeks. Zoee
  • #1 BOY rolled at 4, say at 4.5, crawled at 6, claimed at 7, Walked at 10 (now 16yrs and 6 foot 3). #2 BOY rolled at 4, crawled at 4 (caterpillar style), day at 6, walked at 12. #3 GIRL rolled at 4, sat at 5, crawled at 7, walked at 12. #4 GIRL is just starting to roll at nearly 4!! Kerryn
  • Rolling 3 months, sitting up 4.5 months, crawling (commando style) 6 months. She’s 7.5 months now and is getting up on all fours and beginning to try and climb on things. Jess
  • My first rolled at 3weeks didn’t smile till 5 months crawled at 6 months took 2 steps at 9months then didn’t walk till 16months he slept through at 5 months and didn’t laugh until 18months. My second smiled at 9weeks laughed at 4 months rolled at 6 months commando crawled at 8 months and is now almost 9 months and hasn’t yet crawled on all fours he is a social boy not an active one my first is active not social. Marnie


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