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Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent? What do you use?

  • Make your own! Equal parts of baby oil metho and detol! It’s called F off in our family! Lol.    Sarah
  •  Mouthwash… We used listerine mouthwash while in the Malaysian jungle with my then 7 month old plus hubby & I for over 2 weeks & not 1 bite. Works with flies & sand flies too.. Feels refreshing too.   Lynda
  •  I never used to care about insect repellents. Used it regularly. Until a can was accidentally left on a table and the residue on the base of the can disolved the varnish in 5 mins….. Now looking for alternatives. Be careful… Im horrified at what happened but Im no means a hippie with this stuff.   Dawn
  •  Off pump spray. No fumes smell nice. Works well on mozzie n sandfly.    Carla
  •  Bushmans.   Kristy_Lee
  •  A lavendar insect repellant from the lavendar farm emu bay kangaroo island. Great to spray the room at night to keep them away.    Kimberlee
  •  You can get insect repellant patches from Toys R Us – good for babies! Apparently for babies something that is DEET free is good.    Kat
  •  I love off! Smells great gentle on my and my boys skin and works well.   Andrea
  •  Mosquito bands.   Alexandra
  •  Off.    Belinda
  •  Nature’s botanical rosemary and cedarwood.    Nicky
  •  Nothing with deet in it. That’s cancerous.    Diana
  •  My gypsy child.   Jayde
  •  Thursday plantation is the best one! It’s all natural & smells great (I’ve been asked what perfume I’m wearing). I’ve used it for years & it’s even good for topical application on the bite if you forget to apply it. Also comes in a roll-on & lasts forever.    http://www.thursdayplantation.com/…/Tea-Tree-Walkabout… www.thursdayplantation.com Provides protection against biting insects and flies in a soothing and cooling base.    Lisa
  •  I get the sticky dot mozzie repellent things, and just stick them to the back of my child’s shirt so he can’t touch them. Works a treat.    Tegan
  •  Ego do a natural one you can get from the chemist. It’s tea tree oil.   Fiona
  •  Bushmans.   Sarah
  •  The Avon one is gentle but effective.   Carissa
  •  Mozi bands and moogoo.    Kelly
  •  Reniu it’s a lemongrass all natural spray it’s great for everyone. Even in the tropics .    Lyndsie
  •  Mozzie FO. Available at Healthy Life. All natural and works!    Sarah
  •  Sam Bruce where would I find the Vanilla Mozi as my little one suffers from eczema too!
  •  Vanilla Moz! We are travelling outback Aus at the moment & it has worked wonders and all natural!    Emma
  •  The best thing I’ve found is actually Avon bath oil… rub onto skin and guaranteed no mozzie bites.    Kelly
  •  Put some dryer sheets in pockets or get skin so soft from avon.   Jessica
  •  Moogoo.    Miranda
  •  Citronella oil. Dab it on the back of the neck, crease inside elbows & soles of the feet.   Taniele
  •  I’m allergic to most repellents so I make my own. A bottle of suncream (or sorboline cream depending on time of year) a small bottle of tea tree oil, a few drops of white musk body oil (body shop) use any perfume oil – it’s just so you smell nice lol.    Melisssa
  •  Off. It comes in spray, pump, cream, balm, roll on, and it smells great and it’s not greasy, not over powering, and great for asthmatics and reasonably priced. Winner!    Erin
  •  Skin so soft from Avon or oranges in the camp fire or on the skin.   Honey
  •  Nutri-rich oil from Nutrimetics.   Kelly
  •  There are repellent wipes too, great for little kids & face/neck area….Kat
  •  Take vitamin B for adults to deter mosquitos.    Natasha
  •  Coconut body butter…    Kia
  •  Kazoku kids wipes. Natural and in a handy mini carry case. Got them from Haggus and Stookles online.     Sara
  •  We find the Avon one is the best for our kiddies and ourselves. We do lots of camping and this seems to be the best.   Amy
  •  Swear by “The Locals” sandfly & mozzie stuff its moisturizing 2in 1 its actually made in Australia! My girls react real bad to mozzie and swell up I use this and it helps straight away!   Rachael
  •  Bushman is the best.    Jess
  •  We use bug off.   Leigh
  •  Vanilla Mozi!    Jo
  •  Mosquito patches I stick on pram or back of clothing on my son when he was under 9 months. Then used repel insect repellent lotion. Now use wrist bands.   Natasha
  •  Make my own using doterra essential oils. Safe for family and they have a special blend called terashield that I dilute with fractionated coconut oil, pop in a spray bottle and away we go. Totally safe, ultra effective and always on hand.   Ahlam
  •  Nutri-rich moisturising body satin. By nutrimetics.    Alicia
  •  Vanilla Mozi, smells lovely and safe for little bubs too.    Mindy
  •  I use vanilla mozi it’s an all natural repellent and my little one who has bad eczema can use it no probs.   Sam
  •  My gypsy baby insect repellent.   Chenoa
  •  Aerogard.   Cassandra
  •  Nutrimetics Moisturising Satin Spray.    Helena
  •  Vegemite. If you eat enough of it, it puts vitamin b into your blood and they won’t touch you.    Kat
  •  Moogoo.   Chantelle
  •  Moogoo.   Annalisa
  •  Banana skin rubbed on the arms and legs of babies worth too peel the banana and wipe the cream side down.   Letisha
  •  Off or vapour rub.   Christine
  •  Aerogauet.   Marybeth

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