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When did you move baby out of your room into their own

When did you move baby out of your room into their ownHelp! Hello everyone, First time mumma here. I have an almost 7month old who still sleeps in her cradle in my bedroom (i know) the reason why i havent transferred her is because she still wakes at night for feed/feeds/resettling etc. and its so much easier rolling out of bed rather then walking down the hallway (eg.lazy) She’s on 2 and 1/2 meals a day, BFing 4-5 times a day. What should i do? keep her in or move her out into her cot? she’s a swaddled back sleeper, but is she getting too old for being in my room??

  • My daughter moved at six months but SIDS say 12 months so u shouldnt be in a hurry do when your ready. You can always use a porta cot or cot in your room if bub is getting big but u still want in your room.  Donna
  • My daughter is 10.5 months and still in my room. I am due my second baby in 2.5 weeks so have to put my first in her room in the next couple of days. If I wasn’t having another baby my daughter would stay in my room longer. So no she is not to old. Cherish these times cause they grow fast and before u no it they will be puttin themselves in bed.  Emma
  • My son was 11 mths n still in a bassinet beside my bed and was put in his cot just shy of his 1st birthday. He was swaddled/woombie wrapped til 10 mths(he loved it) so unless you or he have a problem with wherr he sleeps, why change it? Sids also recommends sleeping in parents room until 12mo as well.  Nays
  • It’s not lazy. SIDS recommend room sharing until 12 mnths.  Sarah
  • Its a personal decision. The reason she prob still is so restless is probably because she is in tune eith u whilst sleeping, which is also the reason it reduces sids to have bub in ur room, they simply dont sleep as deeply. So if u want to have her in ur room thats perfectly fine but i would put her in a cot cuz i would expect her to get out of the cradle by herself one day very soon. If u put her in her own room she will probably sleep a little sounder after a week or so.  Ilona


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