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Go classic! Decorate a nursery with a classic wallpaper design

When the nesting instinct kicks in, you might want nothing more than to create a space that surrounds your future child with fluffy bunnies, wide-eyed owls or pretty little puppies. But just because there’s going to be a baby in there, it doesn’t mean your nursery has to be baby-ish.

While there are thousands and thousands of super cute wallpaper designs for the special little person in your life to choose from, you don’t have to go with a wallpaper designed specifically for nurseries. Why not consider decorating with a classic wallpaper design instead and creating a feature wall that will last well beyond the toddler stage?

If you decorate a nursery with a wallpaper design that isn’t baby-ish, the nursery won’t date and you’ll have the flexibility of changing rooms in future without having to worry about the expense of changing wallpaper.

Alternatives to kids wallpaper for a nursery

Here are some ideas for choosing an alternative to cute wallpaper look for your nursery.

Animal prints

Jungle themes, safaris and animals are always appealing themes for decorating a nursery. But you can bring in some animal fun with less cutesy animal prints instead. Zebra stripes, leopard prints and other wild animal prints can bring in that classic animal style, without the baby element.

animal print wallpaper

Stripes and lines

Stripes are always a safe choice when it comes to wallpaper – whether it’s for a nursery or another room in your home. They won’t date or go out of style. You can find simple, plain striped designs or go for something bolder and more colourful.

wallpaper in stripes

Classic florals

Floral wallpaper has seen a recent resurgence and is not going anywhere soon. Some of the floral prints available these days have to been seen up close to appreciate their intricate designs. The would add a delightful touch a nursery.

floral wallpaper for a nursery

Enduring damasks

Damasks prints have been around for centuries and won’t be going out of style any time soon. These timeless prints offer a certain elegance and class and come in wide range of colours to suit a palette for a nursery. Give your prince or princess on a regal start to life with a classic damask wallpaper design.
Choosing a wallpaper design to create a feature wall for your baby’s nursery can be a lot of fun. While imagining what your child will be like in years to come, you can be sure to influence them with a taste of elegance and style with a classic wallpaper design in their very first bedroom.

damask wallpaper inspiration


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